Monday, March 2, 2009

NEWS FREQ: Z.Vex Pedals Stolen at NAMM

Z.Vex Effects is offering six pedals from his line as a reward to anyone who helps catch and successfully prosecute the thieves who stole several pedals from his booth at the Winter NAMM show.

According to an article posted on Premier Guitar the pedals were stolen mid-afternoon on Friday, January 16. One of the stolen pedals was a prototype of the company's new Distortion pedal. The pedal differs from normal production models in that it does not have a Z.Vex logo on the back edge (facing away from the player), and has a Production Prototype sticker on the bottom. It is the only production unit in U.S. circulation until late March or early April of this year. It also does not have a serial number. The other stolen pedal was the Seek Trem pictured below. It has the initials of the painter HMH on the front edge and serial number C097 on the bottom.

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