Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Peavey Windsor Studio Amp- Rock Tones, Studio Features!

The Peavey Windsor Studio guitar amplifier is a Class A, 15-watt combo that gives guitarists the classic guitar tones of rock's golden era with some useful modern features. The small size and light weight of the Windsor Studio make it easy to transport to the studio or gig. A footswitchable preamp boost gives this single-channel amp the flexibility of a 2-channel unit, and features such as a microphone-simulated output and Power Sponge output attenuator add some real-world functionality to the incredible vintage tone of the all-tube Windsor Studio.

Peavey Windsor Studio Amp at a Glance:

Footswitchable Boost button for additional dynamic response
Flexible tube configuration in power section
Direct out with mic simulator for recording

Footswitchable Boost button for additional dynamic response
The single-channel Windsor Studio features a footswitchable Boost button, which increases the preamp level to allow the flexibility of a dual-channel amp plus control over the dynamic response and rich distortion characteristics of its class-A tube power topology. The Boost function can be used as an overdrive feature for the power section or simply as a volume boost for soloing.

Flexible tube configuration in power section
The 15-watt Windsor Studio uses two 12AX7 preamp tubes and one EL34 power-amp tube in a single-ended configuration with no negative feedback. The power section is designed to accommodate 6L6GC, 6550, 6CA7, KT88 and KT66 octal power tubes, as well as variations on those types. Peavey's exclusive new Power Sponge output attenuator incrementally adjusts the power output of the Windsor Studio while maintaining the distortion characteristics of the power amp at any chosen volume level.

Direct out with mic simulator for recording
Also onboard the Windsor Studio is a transformer-balanced XLR direct output with a unique microphone simulator that allows players to send the amplifier signal to a recording device or front-of-house mix without the use of a microphone. Additional features include true spring reverb, preamp volume, master volume, three-band tone equalization, footswitchable effects loop and a single 12" loudspeaker.

Class A tube performance made Peavey tough. The amp might look a bit odd from the outset; however this amp is a GREAT BUY for the mere street price of $399! The fact that it as a flexible power section, direct out and a built-in power sponge blows my mind at this price! Be on the hunt for the 100 watt head of this versatile and cost-effective amp!

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