Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Creation Audio Labs Goes Direct

Big news from our friends at Creation Audio Labs. No more dealers. It's all direct sale now. What does this mean? It means big price reductions. Check this guys out for some of the great effects and studio tools known to man!

Exciting news from Creation Audio Labs:

To make a long story short, we are going to direct sales only, no more dealers, selling to the public basically at dealer cost.

We know that the economy is impacting everyone - players, dealers, manufacturers - and we wanted to get the cost much lower for the end user. The dealer mark up was the "fat" we could cut out to get the lowest price point for the customer and not lose our hide. We appreciate the small network of dealers that has worked with us over the past few years and have worked out a fair deal with each of them.

With the economy slowing down we've seen our sales grind to a halt over the past few months. We want more musicians to have access to the gear we make and we need sales to pick up. The only consistent complaint we've had on any of our products is that the price was too high for the average user to bite off on, no matter how high the quality was or how great the product is. We had to build in a mark up for dealers to profit from selling our product line, but this put our street pricing higher than many people could stand. This change puts all of our products within easier reach for more players. It's a win-win situation.

All of our products are hand built by real people in the USA. Creation Audio Labs gear is as American Boutique as it gets. We intend to keep it that way and hold that flag high even when many other manufacturers are moving offshore for cheaper labor.

So to sum things up: Same great gear - New low price.

$49 Redeemer Circuit - Unleash your tone, preserve your tone and take your tone further.

$149 MK.4.23 Boost Pedal (9v or 48v Pro Series) - The most transparent boost pedal on the planet. +24 or +30 dB boost.

$195 Holy Fire Overdrive/Distortion Pedal - Overdrive & distortion that responds like a tube and leaves your tone intact.

$795 MW1 Studio Tool - The ultimate D.I. & re-amplification device designed with mega producer Michael Wagener.

Free shipping on every order! - UPS Ground to the continental United States.

Visit our website, tell your musician friends about us and order yours today:

Creation Audio Labs
Blow it out your amp!


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