Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blackout Effectors Fix'd Fuzz V2

If you're a regular GearTrap reader, then you already know about Vancouver based Blackout Effectors. Blackout's Purveyor, Kyle Tompkins has put hours upon hours of hard work into what I sincerely believe is the coolest pedal of the year- the Fix'd Fuzz. Recently, Kyle was nice enough to send me the V2 Fix'd Fuzz and to say i was blown away is an understatement.

Through an array of toggle switches and knobs, the Fix'd Fuzz offers up some of the gnarliest fuzz tones on the planet. If you can picture what a Big Muff beating the hell out of a Fuzz Face sounds like, then you've scratched the surface of what this thing can do with the dirt. The thing that is not immediately evident is how deftly the Fix'd Fuzz can span the divide between clean boost (yes, you read that right) and smooth overdrive.

Suffice it to say that this puppy is oozing versatility and potential. If you can only take one pedal to the studio, please... let it be this one. Your band will thank you. I'm predicting that you'll be seeing a lot more of Blackout Effectors and the Fix'd Fuzz in the coming months. Get in on the ground floor and check them out now at


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