Friday, November 21, 2008

Musicorp Adds BBE Sound

Courtesey of MMR:

Musicorp, a distributor and manufacturer of musical instruments, lighting products and accessories, has announced the addition of BBE Sound to Musicorp's distribution line.

"BBE is famous for innovative technology and high quality, particularly with their line of Sonic Maximizer products," said Roy White, Musicorp merchandising product manager. Specifically, Musicorp is carrying 20 best-selling BBE products and stocking them in their centrally-located Kentucky warehouse.

"Musicorp was the logical choice when we looked to expand our distribution channels," said Rob Rizzuto, vice president of sales and marketing for BBE Sound. "Musicorp's reach with MI dealers, breadth of products and marketing tools made them the obvious choice for a distribution partner."

Friday, November 7, 2008

PREVIEW: Gibson Dark Fire

Over the past couple of years Gibson has been releasing some very innovative products with the introduction of the HD.6X-Pro Digital Les Paul and last year’s homerun Robot Guitar. Before the office closed shop this afternoon Gibson dropped another bomb on the guitar world by releasing a teaser for what they call “The World’s Most Powerful Guitar.” It appears to be a mutated Robot Guitar and promises to have limitless tonal capabilities. Prepare yourself. Gibson will be unleashing the Dark Fire on December 15th.

For more information, please visit:

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Blackout Effectors Fix'd Fuzz V2

If you're a regular GearTrap reader, then you already know about Vancouver based Blackout Effectors. Blackout's Purveyor, Kyle Tompkins has put hours upon hours of hard work into what I sincerely believe is the coolest pedal of the year- the Fix'd Fuzz. Recently, Kyle was nice enough to send me the V2 Fix'd Fuzz and to say i was blown away is an understatement.

Through an array of toggle switches and knobs, the Fix'd Fuzz offers up some of the gnarliest fuzz tones on the planet. If you can picture what a Big Muff beating the hell out of a Fuzz Face sounds like, then you've scratched the surface of what this thing can do with the dirt. The thing that is not immediately evident is how deftly the Fix'd Fuzz can span the divide between clean boost (yes, you read that right) and smooth overdrive.

Suffice it to say that this puppy is oozing versatility and potential. If you can only take one pedal to the studio, please... let it be this one. Your band will thank you. I'm predicting that you'll be seeing a lot more of Blackout Effectors and the Fix'd Fuzz in the coming months. Get in on the ground floor and check them out now at

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Creation Audio Labs Goes Direct

Big news from our friends at Creation Audio Labs. No more dealers. It's all direct sale now. What does this mean? It means big price reductions. Check this guys out for some of the great effects and studio tools known to man!

Exciting news from Creation Audio Labs:

To make a long story short, we are going to direct sales only, no more dealers, selling to the public basically at dealer cost.

We know that the economy is impacting everyone - players, dealers, manufacturers - and we wanted to get the cost much lower for the end user. The dealer mark up was the "fat" we could cut out to get the lowest price point for the customer and not lose our hide. We appreciate the small network of dealers that has worked with us over the past few years and have worked out a fair deal with each of them.

With the economy slowing down we've seen our sales grind to a halt over the past few months. We want more musicians to have access to the gear we make and we need sales to pick up. The only consistent complaint we've had on any of our products is that the price was too high for the average user to bite off on, no matter how high the quality was or how great the product is. We had to build in a mark up for dealers to profit from selling our product line, but this put our street pricing higher than many people could stand. This change puts all of our products within easier reach for more players. It's a win-win situation.

All of our products are hand built by real people in the USA. Creation Audio Labs gear is as American Boutique as it gets. We intend to keep it that way and hold that flag high even when many other manufacturers are moving offshore for cheaper labor.

So to sum things up: Same great gear - New low price.

$49 Redeemer Circuit - Unleash your tone, preserve your tone and take your tone further.

$149 MK.4.23 Boost Pedal (9v or 48v Pro Series) - The most transparent boost pedal on the planet. +24 or +30 dB boost.

$195 Holy Fire Overdrive/Distortion Pedal - Overdrive & distortion that responds like a tube and leaves your tone intact.

$795 MW1 Studio Tool - The ultimate D.I. & re-amplification device designed with mega producer Michael Wagener.

Free shipping on every order! - UPS Ground to the continental United States.

Visit our website, tell your musician friends about us and order yours today:

Creation Audio Labs
Blow it out your amp!

Peavey Windsor Studio Amp- Rock Tones, Studio Features!

The Peavey Windsor Studio guitar amplifier is a Class A, 15-watt combo that gives guitarists the classic guitar tones of rock's golden era with some useful modern features. The small size and light weight of the Windsor Studio make it easy to transport to the studio or gig. A footswitchable preamp boost gives this single-channel amp the flexibility of a 2-channel unit, and features such as a microphone-simulated output and Power Sponge output attenuator add some real-world functionality to the incredible vintage tone of the all-tube Windsor Studio.

Peavey Windsor Studio Amp at a Glance:

Footswitchable Boost button for additional dynamic response
Flexible tube configuration in power section
Direct out with mic simulator for recording

Footswitchable Boost button for additional dynamic response
The single-channel Windsor Studio features a footswitchable Boost button, which increases the preamp level to allow the flexibility of a dual-channel amp plus control over the dynamic response and rich distortion characteristics of its class-A tube power topology. The Boost function can be used as an overdrive feature for the power section or simply as a volume boost for soloing.

Flexible tube configuration in power section
The 15-watt Windsor Studio uses two 12AX7 preamp tubes and one EL34 power-amp tube in a single-ended configuration with no negative feedback. The power section is designed to accommodate 6L6GC, 6550, 6CA7, KT88 and KT66 octal power tubes, as well as variations on those types. Peavey's exclusive new Power Sponge output attenuator incrementally adjusts the power output of the Windsor Studio while maintaining the distortion characteristics of the power amp at any chosen volume level.

Direct out with mic simulator for recording
Also onboard the Windsor Studio is a transformer-balanced XLR direct output with a unique microphone simulator that allows players to send the amplifier signal to a recording device or front-of-house mix without the use of a microphone. Additional features include true spring reverb, preamp volume, master volume, three-band tone equalization, footswitchable effects loop and a single 12" loudspeaker.

Class A tube performance made Peavey tough. The amp might look a bit odd from the outset; however this amp is a GREAT BUY for the mere street price of $399! The fact that it as a flexible power section, direct out and a built-in power sponge blows my mind at this price! Be on the hunt for the 100 watt head of this versatile and cost-effective amp!

For more information, please visit:

Freq’n out? E-mail Aljon: tonefreq(at)gmail(dot)com.

Planet Waves- New Universal II Chromatic Tuner

Planet Waves is pleased to present its all-new, redesigned Universal II Chromatic Tuner. Based upon the best-selling Universal Chromatic Tuner, the new design is sleek and futuristic with bold, easy-to-read display graphics and offers precision tuning with chromatic and manual modes—now with a lower price tag!

The Universal II Chromatic Tuner Features:

• Chromatic or manual tuning modes

• Built-in condenser microphone and ¼” input jack

• Large, easy-to-read LCD Display

• Sleek, compact design

• Battery Included

“At Planet Waves, we’re always looking to improve upon our products, and the Universal II Chromatic Tuner is the newest example of that,” says Brian Vance, Senior Product Manager. “We’ve redesigned the look and feel of the tuner with a sleek new industrial design and larger LCD display for easy viewing, while retaining its convenient features including the built-in mic and input jack. And probably the best part is we’ve made it more affordable, making it the ideal playing and practice tool for any musician.”

The Universal II Chromatic Tuner will retail for $24.99 and is now available.