Friday, October 3, 2008

Tools for the Really Fake Guitarist

The MI industry has certainly long neglected one market segment – the air guitarist.

But now Takaratomy steps in and presents the Air Guitar Pro Electric and Acoustic by Josh Rubin. No longer will the person who plays an air guitar in the privacy of his or her own home or, increasingly, at the air guitar contest at the local bar, be left without a tool to practice with (you know, besides the millions and millions of real guitars that are produced every year).

Now there is help in developing the "chops" of the invisible guitar player. The tool promises to "take the air guitar to the next level." Air Guitar Pro consists of the upper neck of a guitar and plays chords as your fingers pass through infrared-ray strings that make up an invisible fretboard-of-sorts. All one needs to do is strum the air to produce accurate sound.

The controller has seven buttons for different chords as well as buttons on the side to change from major, minor, augmented, and diminished sounds. It even includes ten beginner songs to get the player up to speed. Now anyone can start playing the invisible guitar quickly and accurately!

The product costs $56.


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