Monday, October 27, 2008

Believe the Hype- The V-Pick Guitar Pick

Sean O’Bryan Smith:

A pick is a pick is a pick right? Granted there are varying thicknesses and grips and material but at the end of the day does it make that much of a difference? In my 25 years of playing I had not witnessed a particular pick that truly made me blurt out a well defined “Holy Crap!” until now. Pick manufacturer V-Pick has opened the eyes of this once skeptic with their pick line and I hath seen the light.
As some “swag” from another manufacturer I was reviewing for a magazine there was a sample bag of V-picks picks inside the box. There was one each of the large rounded and large sharp picks. As I was reading the claims that this pick will make me play “lightning fast as well as improve my tone” I found myself thinking “YEAH RIGHT!” Obviously having nothing to lose and the reality that I have about 10 guitars to review for various publications, I thought I would try out this seemingly outlandish claim. I grabbed one of my trusted hollow bodies off the wall and within a few seconds exclaimed………..”Holy Crap!”
The V-Picks are made from a smooth, clear acrylic that naturally bond to your fingers. The acrylic finish allows the pick to glide extremely well over the strings allowing for a great fluidity to your playing. This helps contribute to the ability to then reproduce lines faster. Being a jazz player at heart, I also like the fact these are nice and thick. 2.75mm to be exact. You just have to love some picks with some child bearing hips. The acrylic picks also had some tone improvement attributes to them. The sound was much like the pick and that it was thick. These things are just beefy.
Another cool aspect of the V-Picks is the way they feel. They have an extremely smooth finish that feels like a well polished stone. Surprisingly they aren’t slippery though due to the acrylic natural tendency to adhere to your skin. After a few minutes of playing you realize there is a great grip to these and you shouldn’t have to worry too much about dropping them. That is a good thing too since the clear acrylic would be a severe pain to try to find on a dark stage.
In short, I am a believer now and plan on using these for a long time to come. In the short time I have been using them I have tried them on various guitars and basses and they play extremely smooth and sound great. If you are on the hunt for the possible Holy Grail of picks you might want to check this out.
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