Wednesday, September 17, 2008

TONE FREQ REVIEW – Gator Cases’ Pedal Tote and G-BUS-8

Gator’s Pedal Tote with G-BUS-8 pedal power supply is the equivalent to the overnight bag. It has just enough room for your must have pedals and essentials. It’s perfect for doing those open jam nights, playing on crowded stages or just carrying your short board effects processor.
The tote is made of plywood wrapped in black Tolex with Velcro fuzz on the top panel. Most pedal bags have handles that are susceptible to ripping – not the Pedal Tote. The bag is made from durable nylon (pretty good padding) with a section of the top cut out to expose the handle. The handle is directly mounted to the pedal board so greatly reduces stress from the weight of the pedals within. The version I’m reviewing comes with the G-BUS-8 pedal power supply mounted to the bottom. Power connectors for your pedals as well as Velcro to attach your pedals were also included.
Performance wise I found the Pedal Tote could be just a bit larger. The accessory pocket on the side was a nice size but after using a few times I wished it had a zipper instead of the Velcro flap. I found myself being extra careful making sure my cables and strings didn’t fall out of the side when opening my tote. The G-BUS-8 performed pretty well and was remarkably quite at louder amp settings. I especially liked being able to run three 18v pedals and the fact that all the power outs were isolated. The power cables can be tucked away pretty easily cleaning up your board a bit. There is a central pass for those cables toward the top of the board. If you feel really daring you should drill holes and run all your wiring underneath. That would be a good option if you’re looking for a more permanent pedal setup.

VERDICT: Great deal!
If you want a small no-nonsense pedal board that’s easy to carry this is a no-brainer. The fact that you can get this with or without the power supply is great. Considering the under $90 street price (without G-BUS-8) it’s a great deal. If you happen to buy it on-line you can get the powered version for around $165 with free shipping!


High points: Can be purchased with or without the G-BUS-8 pedal power supply, easy to carry, powered board comes with G-BUS-8 pre-mounted, great handle

Low points: Needs side pocket zipper instead of Velcro flap

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See it in action!


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