Wednesday, September 24, 2008

PREVIEW: Boss ME-20 Guitar Multi-effects

From the smallest compact pedal to the most feature-laden rack, the BOSS brand is synonymous with effects that sound great and are built to last. Today BOSS expands its famous ME series multi-effects family with the ME-20, a powerful multi-effects unit optimized for live performance. Easy to use and road tough, the ME-20 provides world-class overdrive, distortion, delay, chorus, phaser, flanger, tremolo, rotary, and EQ effects, taking BOSS’s performance-based philosophy to a very affordable price point.

Performance-based guitar processor for the player who wants an ultra-easy interface with BOSS tone and quality New super-tough metal chassis with 3 footswitches, 5 realtime control knobs, and expression pedal EZ Edit for quick sound creation
OD/DS Solo function for punchy and high-impact lead tone 30 user memory locations in addition to realtime operation. Battery or AC powered

My thoughts…

Wow! Boss Clinician Robert Marcello shreds and produces some radical sounds with this unit (see link below for his video demos). The last Boss multi-effect processor I owned was an ME-33. I never had any problems with that unit and took it on several tours packing it in my carry-on. If you are especially hard on gear, have a tendency to drop things or have a heavy foot you might want to steer clear of units like this in favor for a Utopia or Nova System. My only gripe is the overall look of the pedal – it looks like a processor from 10 years ago. Surely there’s a way to sex it up a bit. However, for a mere $199 you can get an excellent sounding floor processor with sublime control.


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Friday, September 19, 2008

PREVIEW: Reverend Roundhouse RT Guitar

The RT features two Reverend RevTron pickups loaded in a single-cutaway solidbody, block inlays, neck binding, Reverend Pin-Lock tuners, and Bass Contour control.

The pickups are custom designed - the bridge pickup is slightly hotter than the neck pickup for balanced tone and volume. And RevTrons are wound about 5 percent hotter overall than the originals for more sustain and punch. The solid korina body and neck contribute to a resonant, light, and lively instrument that responds to the player's touch.

This RT tone is warm but focused, with an aggressive upper-midrange chime that can cut through a band mix.

Options: Silver Sparkle, Black

List price $849, Street $649

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rocktron Classic Wah

Per a special request by our good friend Andrew, here is a little more info on the Rocktron Classic Wah. Let me preface this by saying that I have not played this wah, so i can't offer first hand experience as to its tone or operation.

What i can tell you though is that I know for a fact that Rocktron makes great products. There's a reason that you find Rocktron in pro rigs the world over.
I say that with the exception of the Hush pedal. If you're in the market for a noise supressor, i'd go with the Boss NS-2 or the ISP Decimator... but i digress...

The classic wah seems to have one setting. This is contrary to the RT "Tri-Wah" which includes classic, vintage, and bass modes.

It's got a heavy duty, all-metal chassis with a tension adjustment for the guitar pedal and is battery or AC powered.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

TONE FREQ REVIEW – Gator Cases’ Pedal Tote and G-BUS-8

Gator’s Pedal Tote with G-BUS-8 pedal power supply is the equivalent to the overnight bag. It has just enough room for your must have pedals and essentials. It’s perfect for doing those open jam nights, playing on crowded stages or just carrying your short board effects processor.
The tote is made of plywood wrapped in black Tolex with Velcro fuzz on the top panel. Most pedal bags have handles that are susceptible to ripping – not the Pedal Tote. The bag is made from durable nylon (pretty good padding) with a section of the top cut out to expose the handle. The handle is directly mounted to the pedal board so greatly reduces stress from the weight of the pedals within. The version I’m reviewing comes with the G-BUS-8 pedal power supply mounted to the bottom. Power connectors for your pedals as well as Velcro to attach your pedals were also included.
Performance wise I found the Pedal Tote could be just a bit larger. The accessory pocket on the side was a nice size but after using a few times I wished it had a zipper instead of the Velcro flap. I found myself being extra careful making sure my cables and strings didn’t fall out of the side when opening my tote. The G-BUS-8 performed pretty well and was remarkably quite at louder amp settings. I especially liked being able to run three 18v pedals and the fact that all the power outs were isolated. The power cables can be tucked away pretty easily cleaning up your board a bit. There is a central pass for those cables toward the top of the board. If you feel really daring you should drill holes and run all your wiring underneath. That would be a good option if you’re looking for a more permanent pedal setup.

VERDICT: Great deal!
If you want a small no-nonsense pedal board that’s easy to carry this is a no-brainer. The fact that you can get this with or without the power supply is great. Considering the under $90 street price (without G-BUS-8) it’s a great deal. If you happen to buy it on-line you can get the powered version for around $165 with free shipping!


High points: Can be purchased with or without the G-BUS-8 pedal power supply, easy to carry, powered board comes with G-BUS-8 pre-mounted, great handle

Low points: Needs side pocket zipper instead of Velcro flap

For more info:

See it in action!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Egnator Rebel Head

Here's something that seems to be a very cool head- The Egnator Rebel. 1-20 watts switchable- very cool! check it out below!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Eastwood Upgrades Classic Series

Eastwood Guitars has upgraded its best selling Classic series – now available in 4-string bass, 12-string, and 6-string. All models are also available for left handers. Reminiscent of the famous 1960s Country Classic George Harrison look, these instruments offer great balance and feel. Maple top back and sides, set maple neck with unique MOP sharks' teeth fret markers. The series features dual EW-Retro humbuckers, two volume controls, and one tone control. They feature fixed or floating bridges and are available in walnut, orange, or white. The list price is $649, street price from $479.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Practice Less, Play better?!

Yes, you read that right-

Check out this article on Writer John Bohlinger has some interesting insights on the subject of improving your playing by experimenting with different instruments other than your primary one.

Not only do you stand the chance of getting better at what you play, you also will raise your level of inspiration by tapping into little used areas of your musical brain!

Similarly, as crazy as it sounds, I have noticed that my playing seems to improve after extended breaks. It sounds totally counter-intuitive, but it makes sense!

Do you have any interesting ways of improving your playing? If so, let me know!!!

Check out for other great articles!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gearz' Stacey David and a 'Hot Rod' ES-335 from Gibson Custom

Here is a link to a truly unique Gibson Custom Shop guitar...

Gearz 335

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Troy Van Leeuwen Rules... and demos the Vox Classic 50

TVL is seriously one of the coolest players out there right now...

SKB Rolling Roto-Rack

Designed as a complete upgrade and stronger alternative to SKB's existing rolling X-rack cases, the new Rolling Roto-Racks feature industrial grade steel threaded rack rails (allowing non-destructive screw mount installation and removal) and full access rear lids. An optional rear-rack rail add-on (RRK4 or RRK6 kit) allows enhanced load capacity and stability, ideal for heavy weight power amplifier units.

The 1SKB-R4W and 1SKB-R6W Rolling Roto-Rack models are rotational, molded of high impact LLDPE Polyethylene with in-line wheels supporting heavy loads, a low-profile injection molded telescoping cushion grip rubber over-molded pull handle and cushioned handle for carrying comfort. SKB's proprietary trigger release latching system, with TSA recognized and accepted recessed locking latches, enables users to securely lock their cases and still have them inspected by airline security personnel and safely checked as luggage.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

See Jaux LIVE!!!

For those of you in the greater Nashville area, I'll be performing tonight (Friday) with my friends The Royce at a great rock club called The Rutledge. If you're in the area and you're looking for a killer time, come out and hang with us!


Monday, September 1, 2008

PREVIEW: VOX Virage Semi-hollow Single Cutaway

VOX amps were instant legends, first as the defining sound of the British Invasion, then the entire rock world. The numbers don't lie. VOX is the sound heard on over a half billion records throughout music history.

Fifty years after creating the original, nuanced sound that inspired a generation; it is time for the holy grail of versatile tone to perfect the other side of the performance equation. Now VOX is now longer just the tone you hear, it is the instrument you feel.

Last year’s entry with the Virage Semi-hollow Double Cutaway introduced new features to the realm of electric guitars like the Advanced Full Contact Bridge and Three-90 pickup. This year they move forward with the Semi-hollow Single Cutaway. The guitar draws upon a familiar single cut design but incorporates their Custom Carve Neck Joint and Contoured back.

For more information, please visit: Vox Virage

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Tone Freq’s LINK OF THE WEEK –

Consider this site as the “wiki” for all things Boss! Originally launched in 2001 this site grew from covering Boss compact pedals to recording equipment, drum machines and more. If it had the Boss name on it it’s in there. They even have the latest editions to the Boss lineup like the Slicer! The coolest thing would have to be info on classic pedals like the Boss CS-1 from 1976!

You’ve got to bookmark it so you can cross reference all the vintage pedals you’re watching on E-bay!


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Gear Wire's SG Diablo Demo

Here is a cool video from our friends at Gear Wire that features Gibson's SG Diablo...

Check it Out!