Saturday, August 16, 2008

PREVIEW: Roland Mobile Cube

I was so impressed with the Roland Cubes I bought a Bass Cube for my wife around four years ago. I’m pleased to say the amp is still kicking ass! They offer quite a bit of bang for your buck and are perfect for practicing and jamming in your living room, apartment or dorm. The Roland Mobile Cube is their latest offering delivering inputs for MP3 players, guitars, keyboards and center cancelling for karaoke or practicing your lead guitar! It even has distortion, chorus and delay effects to boot! At $160.00 street pricing it’s a welcomed value for beginner or seasoned pro!


Battery-powered amplifier for anyone, anywhere, anytime
5W (2.5W + 2.5W) stereo power with two high-performance 10cm (4") speakers
Inputs for microphone, stereo-instrument, and stereo AUX; headphone output
Center Cancel function for karaoke
Built-in stereo reverb/chorus, distortion and more
Dedicated strap included for easy carry around

For more information, please visit: Roland

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