Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Vox Anniversary Series: AC-15

Many of you are probably familiar with the latest cool amp to come out of the shops of UK based amp company VOX. The anniversary AC-15 sports what I believe may be the most beautiful look for an amplifier I've ever seen. Sweet sounding hand-wired circuitry is housed in a gorgeous oiled mahogany cabinet. The AC15LTD is a two channel throw-back tone machine. To say it OOZES vibe doesn't begin to cover it. The amp features 15 watts of EL-84-tube-driven Class A power, pushing a VOX/Celestion Alnico Blue 12" speaker. The cabinet itself is roughly 12" tall by 11" deep. The increased cabinet space adds to the excellent low end response of this gem. With the help of a wattage switch, the 15 watts can easily be dropped to 7-1/2 giving the tone added smoothness on the top end. Channel 1 is a '58 style EF86 design and Channel 2 is a '63 VOX Top-Boost. If the combined tonal variety offered by the two channels is any indication, this amp is no one trick pony.


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