Monday, July 21, 2008

Tone Freq’s LINK OF THE WEEK – Catalinbread Guitar Effects

Big things sometimes come in small packages. Just ask the peeps at Catalinbread Specialized Mechanisms of Music. Sure the company name sounds like a bakery mixed with a high-end car company, however I guarantee you that they are baking up something real special. Their boutique effects cover a nice variety of distortions, overdrives, boosts and tremolo pedals. They are unique in size with most of their core offerings measuring 3.642”x1.516” (slightly larger than a 9 volt battery). They also have very unique graphics to give it tons of vibe. Their website has video demos they lovingly call “pedal porn” – just what I need to distract me at work! You can even purchase the pedals on-line starting at roughly $120. I hope to chat with the company soon and get more information on their company and thought behind the pedals. In the meantime check out the new “little guy” on the block!


"Tone Freq" Aljon Go

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