Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tone Freq's 2008 Summer NAMM Safari: Redland Music Products

The Summer NAMM Safari continues with a journey into Redland – Redland Music Products to be exact.
This Salt Lake City Utah based company specializes in guitar care products with style! They offer beefed up offerings of guitar mats and guitar workstations called Axe Mats. These are not your typical cheap rubber mat and flimsy neck rest. These are high-quality padded mats that won’t hurt your guitar’s finish. The graphics on the mats are what got my attention. Redland is able to print full-color photos on the Axe Mat making them stand out from the rest. There are over 19 different graphics to choose from. Weather it be acoustic guitar to the legendary Texas Strat. There is a mat for every player. The neck rest is also padded and has a hidden compartment to house tools, polish cloths or extra strings!

Redland also offers 12 different prints on their high-quality Microfiber Cloths. The cloths are larger than most standard flannel polish cloths (16”x16”) and the graphics are permanently dyed onto the fabric. They will never fade, crack or wash out. They are also fully washable – nice!

They also offer a nicely put together tool kit, guitar polish kits and polish kits for your drummer and horn section. Perfect for gift giving!

After taking the time to talk to my friends and I at NAMM I’m convinced that Redland is a company that cares about guitarists and their instruments. They have a great thing going and I look forward to picking up more cool care tools from them in the future. In a world full of care products that help guitarists “get by” Redland offers up quality products that inspire guitarists to create and show their instruments the care they deserve.

Aljon Go is considered to be a “pedal junkie” by his peers often asked for advice when building pedal boards. He toured the world with his award winning band Mink and was the artist relations/marketing pro for a musical accessory company. He currently spends his time bringing new and exciting tones to regional acts Jaux King and JonesWorld. He is also host of the long running “Local Buzz” radio show in Nashville and product specialist for a leading guitar company. Freq’n out? E-mail Aljon: tonefreq(at)gmail(dot)com.


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