Thursday, July 3, 2008

Stupid Deals of the Week

It may be easy for some of you to tell that I'm on a bit of a Keeley kick right now. I've been doing lots of research online regarding Keeley effects and I've spent more than a little time drooling over their website. Having said that, I couldn't wait to tell you guys about my week...

So, first I managed to find a guy on Craigslist (I told you it ruled!) that had a Keeley DS-1 for sale for $75. That alone kicked ass, but when I offered him a trade of a chrome Gibson 57 Classic Plus pickup for it and he accepted, I was floored. After a few days of trying to get in touch with him, I was starting to get discouraged and began to prepare myself for disappointment because things didn't seem to be panning out. Long story short though, it worked out and we met up, made the deal, and went our separate ways. Upon first inspection, I was a little bummed- no ultra mod! However, once I got it home and plugged it in, my frown was turned upside down (so to speak). The thing sounded super cool! I gave it the ol' Pepsi challenge with a stock DS-1 and of course, it blew it out of the water.

To make matters even better, in casual conversation at a friend's wedding, the one and only Aljon "Tone Freq" Go suggested that I open the casing and explore the inside in search of Robert Keeley's signature. I did so the next day and sure enough, there it was! It was also dated as a 2003 model.
I was even more impressed with my find earlier this week when I was perusing the Keeley website and discovered that the "Seeing Eye only" pedals are no longer made! Very cool stuff!

Fast forward to Tuesday- I was in Guitar Center Nashville buying another pedal when I noticed the box for a Keeley modded Rat 2! Upon inquiring with my buddy- Val West, he told he could get me a great deal on the Rat- $90! Again, was in heaven and managed to pick the Rat up just today! You can, of course expect a full write up and maybe even a video demo as YouTube doesn't have any! No good Keeley ones anyway... I apologize in advance for my playing...

Check out Tone Freq's "Pedals for Cheap Bastards" post below and keep your eyes open for killer deals! They're out there- trust me! You can't beat two Keeleys for a pickup and $90!


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