Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gearhead's 12 Step-Program Part 2: Power Up!!!

Power- VERY IMPORTANT-power can make you or break you. There are an abundance of great power supplies on the market. I remember owning a Signal Flex power supply years ago and it worked great. If you can manage to find one on Craigslist, eBay, or anywhere online, you should be able to pick one up for very little dough. Another great product, which is even better, is the Visual Sound Onespot. The Onespot is great because you power your entire board with completely clean power via one "Wall Wart"-although I don't personally consider the O.S. to be a wall wart because it small, convenient, and contains circuitry that ensures your power is clean. I was told by a friend of mine at VS that one Onespot unit can power 40 Jekyll and Hyde Pedals; and since Onespots were used to power the World's Largest Pedalboard, I can assure you that the quality is second to none.

A great option for the touring/regularly gigging musician is the Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2. I own one of these as well and it is a phenomenal unit. The jist of the Pedal Power 2 is that it is made up of eight isolated power outs. This means that each out has its own circuit flow and thus provides clean, quiet power to your board. PP2 powers Line 6 pedals, which is a huge plus and also provides two outs that have a "SAG" feature. The SAG feature is best employed by distortion and overdrive pedals to simulate a dying battery. This feature is especially useful with vintage gain pedals that house germanium diodes and other vintage spec components.


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