Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blackheart BH1H Killer Ant

This one’s a bit of a head-scratcher. First off, Blackheart is the hottest new amp company out there. Pytor Belov, formerly of Gibson/Epiphone (and the head engineer in charge of designing the Valve Jr. and other Valve series amps) is one of the purveyors of Blackheart. In taking the general idea of a low-wattage, no frills amp and adding a three band EQ (Bass, Mid, Treble of course) to the mix, Blackheart threw down the proverbial gauntlet to other companies, blazing a trail to the next step in affordable, low-wattage amps. The BH1H Killer Ant becomes a head-scratcher in that it seems like a step backward. Those of you who are a little more savvy than I am when it comes to spec planning- feel free to educate me, but it seems a little odd; especially now, with Epiphone’s new Valve Sr. and Valve Jr. Mod coming soon. It should be noted that the BH1H pumps out at or below 1 watt, so this post completely pointless, but what else is new???

At any rate, the BH1H seems like a great piece- small (even for a head of this type) and extremely portable. Being that it is so low wattage, it would seem that this is geared a little more towards the bedroom jam/practice sect of players. I must admit though, I’d love to see Nigel Tufnel take the stage in front of a wall of these puppies… classic.


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