Thursday, June 19, 2008

WLPb: A Very Special Thank You

So, its official- GearTrap has built and successfully operated the World's Largest Pedalboard! Last night in Nashville, the hundreds in attendance at our first NAMM Party were privy to gear history. We made our first of many attempts to set the record for the WLPb and were completely successful.I'll be divulging more details in the coming days, but for those of you who are wondering, the WLPb consisted of 142 pedals. What's more, it sound great! What's the secret? I'll never tell.

Anyway, onto more important matters- I owe a huge thank you to a lot of people so here we go-

First and foremost, to Aljon "Tone Freq" Go. Without him, it would've never happened. To say "he's the man" doesn't come close to covering it.

Also, thanks to John Chandler of Pedaltrain. John helped us take a good idea and make it a reality. He came onboard and dedicated countless hours of his time and his fantastic brand's name to the effort.

Thanks to ALL our sponsors!

Thanks also to the following people:

Anna Kraft- Volunteer
Kristen Go- Volunteer/Auction/Catering/Press and Media
Kate Hoon- Volunteer
Ashley McDowell- Volunteer
Logan Hamner- Volunteer
Kristina Shulz- Volunteer
Steven King- Volunteer
Matt Hallam- Volunteer/Donor
Tim Blem- Volunteer
Jess Morris- Volunteer
Missy Rentfro- Volunteer
All the lovely ladies that handled our silent auction
Brian Lionman- Clinician
"Toddzilla"- Clinician
The National Kidney Foundation
Justin Roddick- 12th & Porter
Daniel Slezinger- 12th & Port/Autumn Addict
Ryan- Autumn Addict
The Staff of 12th & Porter
Sean O'Bryan Smith and band/Donor
Mellow Down Easy
Bob Weil- Visual Sound/Donor
Terry Greene- Donor
Tony Higbee- Donor
Jesse Floyd- Donor
Gabe Hernandez- Donor

Anyway, that's it for this year! We'll see you all next year when we beat our record at the WLPb 2.0!!!


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