Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rocktron Triple Shock

Thanks to Rocktron, one of our Secondary Sponsors for the WLPb NAMM party, I was able to write the first ever “On the Board- Triple Threat”. Essentially, I’ll be reviewing three of Rocktron’s pedals at once and then i’ll pick a favorite... sound good? Well Let’s get started!

The first of the three Rocktron pedals is the Metal Planet Distortion. The Metal Planet is a very cool distortion pedal. It’s over the top and runs a fine gammut between mid-boosted
modern tones and scooped metal sonics. It sports Level, Low, High, Mid, Mid Freq, and Distortion controls- pretty standard. Big, thick, nasty...

Next up, we have the Zombie Rectified Distortion. Much to my surprise, this guy was a little more laid back than his brother, but he still wailed. EQ seems a LITTLE broad, in other words, you don’t see as much difference between zero and ten as you might think. At the end of the day though, the frequencies work together and all the pieces fall into place to form a seriously rockin’, high-gain picture. Just make sure you don’t let it bite you and if it gets too close, shoot it in the head!

Finally, We have the Short timer Delay. At first, I was a little skeptical of this one, I must say.
The packaging states that it specializes in short delay, hence the name “Short Timer”. I questioned whether or not iId be able to evoke from it the spacey delays that I love... shame on me for not trusting you Rocktron... This is a great digital delay. It’s fairly compact and sounds amazing. Not only that, but there is far more to it sonically than I gave it credit for.Everyone from David Gilmour to Dick Dale will certainly love this piece.

I’d like to point out that these pedals are seriouly well made. All metal enclosures and other high quality components make it easy to see why Rocktron is one of the biggest names out there. On a personal note- I’d like to thank RT for placing the power plug in such a convenient location (on the Input side at the back). It’s out of the way of your patch cords and there shouldn’t be any problems making it fit well onto your board.

All that said, I promised a winner and a winner you shall have. Drum roll please- the winner is... The Metal Planet! Great distortion that plan on buying really soon. Keep up the good work Rocktron!


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