Thursday, June 5, 2008

Orange Tiny Terror

Ok, I've promised you all a review of the Orange Tiny Terror for weeks now, so here's a little something for you...

It's no secret that Orange Amplification is among the premier amp makers in the world. In my mind there has always been a stigma surrounding Orange that made the brand "Unattainable". I do have a friend who I used to play in a band with that had one, but he was one of only two guys that I had knew at the time that actually owned an Orange. His always sounded great and looked every bit as good.

Fast forward to a couple months ago. Suffice it to say that I was waiting on another amp that I'd had my eye on. The deal didn't seem to be working for whatever reason and I began to realize that I needed a new amp. I had been on borrowed rigs for a bit because I sold my '64 Bassman in order to finance the new rig. I finally decided that I would start searching for something affordable that sounded great. I searched online a bit, but couldn't manage to find anything that really lit my fire. A good friend of mine mentioned the Tiny Terror and the light bulb came on. I headed down to the local Orange dealer here in Nashville and picked one up. It just so happened that I had rehearsal that night, so I loaded it in the car and headed that I direction. I got to rehearsal, plugged in the amp and enjoyed The think, growling, tones... for a minute... then... the amp died... I kid you not. I was severely bummed, but I decided I would give it another shot. Besides, shit happens and it's completely possible the thing had a cold solder joint or a bad tube. Boy, am I glad I did. The next day I managed to get a new TT in hand and took it home. I was a little apprehensive at first, but once I heard the TT in all its glory, all my fears melted away.

Lately, I've gotten into low-wattage, low feature amps. My now famous and much criticized Epiphone Valve Jr. was my first foray into this realm. The Tiny Terror is great because it builds on this philosophy. It's a little bit bigger than a lunchbox and features only Volume, Gain, and Tone controls. This is a truly versatile amp tonally. I've been able to squeeze out all sorts of tones from this thing- ranging from shimmering cleans to ultra heavy overdrives. One cool extra is the wattage switch. You can go from 15 watts to 7 watts in less than a second. On the back, you'll find 16 and 8 ohm outs, adding to the versatility factor. I have yet to record with this bad boy, but I have played live with it and it held its own extremely well. It ground out the dirties and managed to keep up with a 100 watt Marshall easily.

I must say, that my initial disappointment (not in the amp itself, but in the circumstances) set me up to be a TT fan for life! This is an amp that I think will have an influence on future low-wattage amps and on a lot of guitarist's sounds. The Tiny Terror comes to you highly recommended by GearTrap. Go pick one up if you're in the market!


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