Wednesday, June 4, 2008

On the Board: Mighty Bright Music Lights

In addition to being a sponsor for GearTrap's WORLD'S LARGEST PEDALBOARD NAMM Party, Mighty Bright Music Lights is a company that produces a truly unique and useful product. I believe this so much so that I personally emailed Michael Farley, concept creator of the Mighty Bright to tell him.
He's a great guy and MB is going to single-handedly make the WORLD'S LARGEST PEDALBOARD look fantastic. With all that having been said, I give you: On the Board: Mighty Bright Music Lights....

As we accumulate gear for the upcoming NAMM party, some very interesting products are surfacing from some great companies like Mad Professor (look for a Fire Red Fuzz review coming VERY soon) and Gig-fx. The most interesting to show up however has actually not been a pedal at all. The day the big box from Mighty Bright showed up, I took it in and opened it up. Inside the big box was a series of smaller boxes. Upon inspection I found all the MB components neatly in place and all accounted for. Without any confusion whatsoever, I quickly assembled a light and began to marvel at it. My Fiancé happened to come home from work at that moment and thought I was totally high. "Babe! Check out what came today! Aren't these bad ass???" I said. She gazed lovingly into my eyes and with the utmost sincerity said: "So?" It should be noted that what my fiancé lacks as a 'gearhead', she more than makes up for with beauty and personality.

I began to regale her with tales of all the "killer boards" I'd seen sporting those fancy gooseneck lights- and how I never thought a company would make an affordable version, but one had- and they were sponsoring the party- and how cool is this?! "Take a breath, would ya?" she said. Although my excitement didn't make much sense to her, I knew exactly how cool these things are.

Feature wise, the Mighty Bright Music Light is fairly simple- very well made yet easy to use. Each unit consists of two goosenecks with a small lamp atop each. One of these lights is a pair of ultra bright, white LEDs that ensure your board can be navigated on the darkest of stages. The second Neck features a "night-vision" light which trades the white LEDs for red (think "Platoon"), and is a brilliant tool for roadies, sound engineers, or anyone who wants to avoid the spotlight. A built-in clip makes this light a multi-purpose dream as it can handily be used in many applications.

Having placed two of these on my personal board already, I can tell you that they are tops. Even with all the lights out (the real test) my board looked like a disco in the middle of Time Square on New Year's Eve. No pedal was left to hide in darkness and dare I say, I think they enjoyed the light so much that they sounded better! Ok, maybe not, but let's just get one thing straight- If you own a pedalboard light company that is NOT called "Mighty Bright", do yourself a favor and hang it up...


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