Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just Because: Unleash Your Inner Gearhead

I'm a pretty logical person. I guess it's in my nature as a guy to want things to make sense. Over the years, I prefaced many of my gear purchases with one, or both of two questions: "Do I REALLY need this?" and "How will I use it live?" Naturally, we want our gear purchases to make sense. We invest lots of money in the stuff we use, but what if we didn't worry as much about the "why" question and focused more on the "why not?"

Lately, I've been trying to make a bit more of an effort to do this and it's paying off for me. What I mean is, I don't look at gear the same way I used to. I've begun seeing it more as an experiment and less as a point of reason. Simply put- I've discovered that I enjoy collecting gear- period.

So what's the point? The point is that you should unleash the gearhead within. Allowing yourself to amass ridiculous piles of gear and not use it live is ok. I personally have a passion for gear (pedals especially if we're getting specific) and unleashing my inner gearhead is proving to be lots of fun. I'm no longer worried about the uses I have for something and rather what it does and if it might be a "keeper". I realize going in that something I'm buying now may later become something I'm selling in order to buy something else. At the end of the day though, at least I can say I've spent some quality time with it and I know what it does.

Be a little less cautious and buy more gear.


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