Monday, June 9, 2008

Blackout Effectors Fix'd Fuzz

I've mentioned Blackout Effectors several times on GearTrap and I keep promising to give you all a little more info, so here it is: Blackout Effectors is a Vancouver BC based company founded by Kyle Tompkins. Kyle himself has a great blog that I frequently check out (see our "links" section) featuring mods and lots of gear info. Kyle was kind enough to jump on the pain train when it comes to the World's Largest Pedalboard and sent us the flagship effect from Blackout- the Fix'd Fuzz. The Fix'd Fuzz is a truly unique fuzz box that is chocked full of features. Upon first glance, you notice the four mini-toggles at the top of the unit and three pots. The toggles allow you to add or subtract different levels of not just fuzz, but overdrive and distortion as well. After you've toggled your way to a great gain level, you can fine-tune the tone using the pot controls- bloom, shade, and buzz. The FF has a great "70's Sci-Fi" look to it with its yellow finish and giant ants and the whole design scheme is one of the coolest features. Kyle went miles out of his way to create a really great effect here. I've been able to conjure some really killer Marilyn Manson meets Smashing Pumpkins fuzz tones as well as some really raunchy, dark, Queens of the Stone Age overdrives.

Fuzz is one of my favorite effects. If you're like me and enjoy the sound of an over-the-top fuzz rocketing its way from a tortured speaker to a sadomasochistic eardrum (does it hurt? Do we like it? Or both???), then you will agree that the Fix'd Fuzz does not suck


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