Tuesday, June 10, 2008

AAAHHHHHHH!!! 2009 Guitar World Gear Guide Highlights

So I won't touch on the appearance by Girls Next Door; that pretty much speaks for itself. However, I will impart this list of the top "Holy Shit" moments of my perusal today:

-Way Huge Makes a Come Back!!!- We reported a couple months ago that legendary pedal maker "Way Huge Electronics" had given MXR (drool) the go ahead to reissue many of their classic boxes- the "Swollen Pickle", "Pork Pie", and "Fat Sandwich", just to name a few. It will be very exciting to see Way Huge pedals back out there!

-MXR Classic Fuzz- On first glance, you think "awesome, MXR makes a fuzz!" but after reading the blurb, you realize that the new MXR Classic Fuzz is actually an improved Fuzz Face, complete with a battery door, optional AC operation, True Bypass, and an LED! Also included as an improvement is the addition of a buffer circuit (THE latest thing in effects) which helps eliminate the audible oscillations caused when some Wah pedals are placed in front of the Fuzz Face.

-EVH Signature Wah- We also did a preview of the EVH wah some time ago. On first glance, it's everything you'd think it should be- Awesome graphics and more! Looking for the "Holy Grail" wah tone? This could be your ticket!

-Ibanez Flying Pan Phaser Reissue- Whoa! Seriously? This phaser is right up there with the Small Stone and the Phase 90 as one of the classics. The Flying Pan combines stereo phasing, panning, and tremolo into a perfect storm of a pedal. It won't be cheap, at 357.13 (MSRP), but something tells me it won't disappoint!

-Seymour Duncan Power Grid Distortion- Our friends at Seymour Duncan, not to be out done, are featuring a new stompbox in the gear guide. The "Power Grid" distortion is multi-element gain and volume effect that straddles the line between soft, warm, vintage overdrive and searing, grinding British distortion.

-Korg Pitch Black +- Korg didn't waste any time making a good thing better. The new Pitch Black + is the latest in Korg's line of professional, reliable tuners. Dual switches for guitar or bass make this a heap of +/-0.1 cent accurate, ready for the road, feature pack phenomena!

There you have it- the eye catchers! Give me enough time and I'm sure I'll find more!!!


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