Monday, June 30, 2008

Pumaboard Pedalboards

Here's a cool find- Pumaboard Pedalboards. They're very "Trailer Trash-esque", but very cool nonetheless. Give them a peek and don't forget to check back later this week to see who won a piece of the World's Largest Pedalboard!

Pumaboard Pedalboards

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tone Freq Preview

Here are some upcoming articles from the Freq:

· Pedals for cheap bastards pt. 2

· Uber-tique and collectible pedals

· Rocktron’s G-300 review

· An exclusive with Ned Steinberger and a look at the NEW ZT3!

· In inside look into artist relations

· Review of D-Tar’s Mama Bear acoustic direct box

· More Summer NAMM Safari

· The hunt continues with Scratch N’ Dent finds!

Cool content coming up!!!

PREVIEW: Pro Tone’s Perpetual Burn, Jason Becker signature pedal!

Crossroads, TX -- June 27, 2008 --
Pro Tone Pedals is pleased to announce the newest member of the Pro Tone family- the legendary Jason Becker.
World renowned guitarist Jason Becker and cutting edge guitar effects manufacturer Pro Tone Pedals join forces to recreate the incendiary tones from Jason's genre defining album Perpetual Burn. The dual channel, all analog design will emulate the gear that Jason used during the recording of the Perpetual Burn LP while adding extreme flexibility and tone sculpting options:

Channel 1 will consist of a modified version of the distortion pedal favored by Jason at the time.
Channel 2 will house an analog emulation of the two amplifiers Jason preferred to use melded into one circuit.


Top names in the world of modern shred guitar will be lending a hand in the testing and development of the Perpetual Burn Distortion as Jason was diagnosed in 1989 with Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS) and has since lost the ability to play the guitar. Jason's father, Gary Becker, will be providing the artwork to create a stunning combination of image and sound.

Release date: September 1, 2008
List Price: $289

For information visit:

To interact with other Jason Becker fans and Pro Tone during product development visit the blog dedicated to this project.

Freq’n out? E-mail Aljon: tonefreq(at)gmail(dot)com.

Tone Freq's TONE TIP: Pedals for Cheap Bastards!

Boutique? Stock? Whatever? If you are low on cheese but want to add a bit of color to your tone I’ve got some pedals for you. Here are my tips for pedals under $50 for all of you cheap bastards!


Anything by Dan’O is good. Okay the housing is made of plastic, but the sounds can be pretty amazing – especially for the price. The FAB line of pedals is pretty limited tonally BUT you can get them on the street for around $15 USD! Their standard “DJ” line of pedals also use plastic housings and are a bit more sonically complex. They can be found for around $30 USD each! On line you can even find Dan’O pedal boards consisting of five DJ pedals, cables and plastic pedalboard all for $150. This would make a great b-day gift or stocking stuffer. Granted these pedals were designed for the casual player and not people like me who tend to lay pretty hard on their gear. However, I have used the DJ-14 Fish & Chips EQ pedal for over 6 years and have taken it on countless tours and gigs. It is always on and never gets stomped on. I even used it in our World’s Largest Pedalboard! Bottom line – these are great pedals if you are on a budget, but if you are looking for something that will take a stomping you might want to look elsewhere.

Tone Freq recommends: DJ-14 Fish & Chips EQ ($29), D-3 FAB Metal ($15), Danelectro Trip L Wah ($50)


Good ole orange! This damn pedal just can’t go away – and for good reason. By far it’s one of the most road worthy pedals in terms of sound and construction of all time! Sure there have been mods to it BUT the overall value and price can’t be beat ($39). Several years ago when I was touring in Turkey my multi-effects processor went down in a big way. As our sound guy Big Steve and I went on a search for a decent distortion pedal. We found this hole-in-the-wall music store with a DS-1! Thank heaven we found it. I was surprised when the clerk told me it would be $90 USD. I said, “You’ve got to be kidding me. I can find this pedal for $40 in the states.” He replied, “You’re not in the states.” Thanks douchebag! I ended up buying the damn thing – I really needed it to finish the tour. You can’t go wrong with one of these in your line up.


Are you surprised to see something from E-H on this list? Don’t be. With the advent of the Nano line last year E-H is taking over with affordable effects that won’t break the bank. The Electro-Harmonix Nano LPB-1 Power Booster ($40) is a spot-on reissue of the original LPB-1 circuit that introduced overdrive in 1968. Put this little monster in line before any effect to provide boost and definition. It’s housed in a compact, die-cast box with rounded corners to save valuable pedalboard space. Good times!


Nuff said. ($50)


Pound for pound one of the best pedals you can by for the money. This pedal has been around for years and has just the right amount of color, overdrive and distortion for that classic Texas style sound. There is even an added value of a cabinet simulator out so you can rock out direct to the board if your tube amp goes south. Exceptional for the price ($50)!

This is just a sample of pedals for you cheap skates out there - nothing wrong with that. In the end it’s all about finding your voice. If your voice can be found for $50 and under more power to you! When you consider how much video games cost nowadays you can’t go wrong adding some of these bargains to your collection of killer stompboxes. Happy hunting!

“Tone Freq” Aljon Go is considered to be a “pedal junkie” by his peers often asked for advice when building pedal boards. He toured the world with his award winning band Mink and was the artist relations/marketing pro for a musical accessory company. He currently spends his time bringing new and exciting tones to regional acts Jaux King, JonesWorld and Mister Happy. He is also host of the long running “Local Buzz” radio show in Nashville and product specialist for a leading guitar company. Freq’n out? E-mail Aljon: tonefreq(at)gmail(dot)com.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Tone Freq's 2008 Summer NAMM Safari: Amp Toppers

Let’s not kid ourselves… we are hunters – gear hunters! NAMM is the biggest hunt of them all. After years of attending this trade show I always look for the coolest tool or accessory to make my life as a guitarist better. This invention is one of them.
Amp Toppers is an idea whose time has truly come. As I admired its simplicity I wished I would have thought of this one. Like most of you I find myself setting up for a gig placing my keys, picks, beer, tuner and God knows whatever else I can up on the top of my amp. This durable ABS plastic molded caddy is designed to keep all of your crap in one easy to find place. It even has a non-skid rubber mat on the bottom of the tray to keep your beer in place after hitting that last power chord! It comes in two styles: Levelhead (for stacks and bass rigs) and Flattopper (for use with a tilted amp stand). You can also get both of those styles in two sizes and slide right over your amp handle. They are even working on a model for amps that have a top mounted control panel.

I like this invention so much I think I will get several – just to keep my desk and office organized! Sure, this is not a pedal, amp or guitar but this thing is bad-ass indeed. Hunt one of these Amp Toppers down for yourself or a friend. You won’t regret it.

For more info please visit:

Aljon Go is considered to be a “pedal junkie” by his peers often asked for advice when building pedal boards. He toured the world with his award winning band Mink and was the artist relations/marketing pro for a musical accessory company. He currently spends his time bringing new and exciting tones to regional acts Jaux King and JonesWorld. He is also host of the long running “Local Buzz” radio show in Nashville and product specialist for a leading guitar company. Freq’n out? E-mail Aljon: tonefreq(at)gmail(dot)com.

Gibson Canada's Songmaker Series

Here is some info on the new line of Canadian made Gibson acoustics...

Gibson's Songmaker Series

Win a Piece of The World's Largest Pedalboard Contest

WOW! The response for the "Win a Piece of The World's Largest Pedalboard" contest has been HUGE! In order to keep up with the amount of entries we're getting, I'm announcing that the contest is being extended until Sunday at midnight. That way, we can have as many entrants as possible.

So, get those pics of your pedalboard ready and email them to: NOW!!!

Good Luck!

GearTrap on YouTube

Have you checked out GearTrap's new YouTube channel yet? No? Well, what are you waiting for?!

GearTrap on YouTube

Thursday, June 26, 2008

FLOOR REPORT:’s GearFest 2008

Over 4000 gearheads flocked to Ft. Wayne Indiana for’s GearFest 2008. This guitar gear show was put on by the retailer as part of the grand opening of their new 35 million dollar complex – complete with showrooms, call center, warehouse and food court! This place is AMAZING!

I spent most of my time in the guitar tent, where all the fun was! Here are some of my highlights:

The Gibson showing was huge! I was able to demo the new Epiphone Ultra II. This guitar not only carries over the stunning looks of a quilt-top Les Paul but also has acoustic features built in as well! Expect a full review on this guitar in the coming days. Hank Ettel of Gibson Gear was also on hand demoing the entire line of Gibson Gear pickups with his special double neck SG’s and pop-out pickup Les Paul. He also demoed the after-market Robot Guitar kit expected for release before year’s end. There were also several Robot Guitars on display as well as the highly collectable Reverse Flying V! Also on display were several Tobias basses made with some gorgeous tonewoods and one of the coolest bent-top guitars around the Brent Mason Signature from Valley Arts Guitar.

Founder/President Bob Weil and Steve Mikesell were on hand demoing the new line of V2 pedals. Not only do they have upgraded versions of classic Visual Sound pedals like the Visual Volume, Route 66, Jekyll & Hyde and H20 but they were also showing off their new V2 single pedal line! Do yourself a favor and check out the Angry Fuzz!

As I mentioned in a previous article Zoom was there to show off the new ZFX Control and Stack Packages. ZFX Packages give guitarists and bassists the ability to create the ultimate tone solutions with an intuitive software/hardware setup. Incredibly easy and fun to use, ZFX combines sophisticated amp modeling software with a USB audio interface. I asked them how it was different from the others that are in the marketplace. The rep responded that other packages are designed for engineers and studio techs. This package is designed for the guitarist. ZOOM

Seymour seemed to bring the entire group to check out Sweetwater’s new facility. They also brought an extraordinary array of gear. They showed off their new active Blackout and Livewire (Mustaine) Pickups, Seth Lovers and my personal favorite P-Rails. They also had their entire line of stompboxes for demo as well. Some of my favorites include the Shapeshifter as well as the destructive force called the Twin Tube Mayhem! That is one killer stompbox. Check out Seymour’s keynote captured by Premier Guitar: HERE

Amp gurus from Randall showed off the new MTS Kirk Hammett LTD AAAA flame maple half stack. This amp was striking in both looks and tone. They also showed off some new MTS Palomino style amps. They were very boutique looking with tan tolex and basket weave grill covers – very classy.

Clinician Paul Hanson was there demoing the new Micro Cube guitar and bass amps. He had one slung on his shoulder all weekend shredding to the content of on-lookers. He also brought with him the new GT-10 Multi Effects Processor from BOSS. Like others in the series it uses BOSS’s COSM Modeling. I’ve had plenty of experience with their COSM Multi Effects units and it took me seconds to program my own patches. This unit has been upgraded with a built-in looper, as well as the ability to have two separate set-ups – very versatile.

Fender had an impressive setup displaying its new American Standard Strats and Teles. What really got my attention were the offerings from Charvel. Brand new Charvel customs were on display along with several of the new USA Production models. Their San Dimas Strat and Tele models came equipped with two Duncan Humbuckers and Floyd Rose Trems. The So-Cal Strat style had a pickguard as well as the Floyd and Duncans. Very cool stuff and much more affordable if you want to get that 80’s vibe than dropping $3500 on a Custom Charvel.

For photos and more highlights from Sweetwater’s Gearfest please check out this link: Sweetwater's GearFest '08

For more information, please visit:

Aljon Go is considered to be a “pedal junkie” by his peers often asked for advice when building pedal boards. He toured the world with his award winning band Mink and was the artist relations/marketing pro for a musical accessory company. He currently spends his time bringing new and exciting tones to regional acts Jaux King and JonesWorld. He is also host of the long running “Local Buzz” radio show in Nashville and product specialist for a leading guitar company. Freq’n out? E-mail Aljon: tonefreq(at)gmail(dot)com.

The GearHead's 12 Step Program: How to Get and Keep a Serious Gear Problem

Here is Part One of a twelve part series:

I remember as if it were yesterday, the first time I became aware of effects pedals for guitar. Having just been given two pedals and a box of old guitar magazines, I was taking it all in. I had just started playing guitar and was having enough trouble figuring out what a chord was, let alone the “subtle” differences between analog and digital. I couldn’t (and never really did) get a handle on scales, so why would I bother to fool with decay times and daisy chains? I was green… really green and I had no idea the Pandora’s Box I was about to open.

The subsequent years brought a little more knowledge and a lot more gear. Below are some pieces of gear that helped fuel my obsession over the years. It is a guide for you gearheads out who know you have a problem and are excited about it. Check this stuff out if you haven’t already. Been into gear for a while? Disagree with me? Killer- leave a comment and clue me into your favorites. Even if you’re a newly burgeoning gearhead- take this list as advice on where to start:

Pedalboards- We start with the foundation on which every pedal is place. I’ll be honest- before becoming a Pedaltrain endorser last year, I built almost every other pedalboard I’ve ever owned myself. When it comes to manufactured boards, I’m of the opinion that the Pedaltrain can’t be beaten. It’s deceptively simple and thus the most versatile board out there. Pedaltrain allows you to not only have a place to house your pedals, it also provides you with a medium to create your own gear addict “work of art”. Seriously, visit Pedaltrain’s website ( and check out the user photos. Every board is different and totally unique. I can spend hours looking (and have) at the pics that people send in (there are a few celebrity boards in there too) and it’s always inspiring.

The “artistic freedom” afforded you by Pedaltrain is something that it has in common with the “home made” board.

I’ve seen some pretty interesting HMPbs (Homemade pedalboards) in the past. Usually, guys will go with a standard ¼” piece of plywood, maybe or maybe not paint it black (pardon the Stones pun), and then attach the Stompboxes using various methods. Personally, I’ve found that the best material out there with which to construct a HMPb is ¼” hardboard. Hard board is basically peg-board without the holes drilled in it. You can buy it in 2’X4’ sheets at Home Depot, Lowes, or any other Hardware store. Cut it in half and glue the two pieces together. This will make it a ½” piece- still light weight, yet more durable. I prefer this because not only is it lighter that plywood, but it usually has a smooth side which is perfect for attaching Velcro, if that’s your preferred attachment method.

Effects Explained: Modulation

Here is another installment of's "Effects Explained" series. Very cool stuff!

Effects Explained: Modulation

Just Because: Unleash Your Inner Gearhead

I'm a pretty logical person. I guess it's in my nature as a guy to want things to make sense. Over the years, I prefaced many of my gear purchases with one, or both of two questions: "Do I REALLY need this?" and "How will I use it live?" Naturally, we want our gear purchases to make sense. We invest lots of money in the stuff we use, but what if we didn't worry as much about the "why" question and focused more on the "why not?"

Lately, I've been trying to make a bit more of an effort to do this and it's paying off for me. What I mean is, I don't look at gear the same way I used to. I've begun seeing it more as an experiment and less as a point of reason. Simply put- I've discovered that I enjoy collecting gear- period.

So what's the point? The point is that you should unleash the gearhead within. Allowing yourself to amass ridiculous piles of gear and not use it live is ok. I personally have a passion for gear (pedals especially if we're getting specific) and unleashing my inner gearhead is proving to be lots of fun. I'm no longer worried about the uses I have for something and rather what it does and if it might be a "keeper". I realize going in that something I'm buying now may later become something I'm selling in order to buy something else. At the end of the day though, at least I can say I've spent some quality time with it and I know what it does.

Be a little less cautious and buy more gear.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Video of the Day: DS-1 SHOOTOUT!!!

Tone Freq’s LINK OF THE WEEK – Farley’s Musical Essentials

Years ago at Summer NAMM I was preparing for an overseas tour and ran into the Farley’s Musical Essentials booth. They had some killer accessories there: tuners, reading lights and tools - just what I needed. I never forgot the excellent customer service from the staff and the booth. In the years to follow I had purchased many products from Farley’s including reading lights and guitar tools. A few weeks back we reconnected and they ended up being a sponsor of The World’s Largest Pedalboard Party!


Farley’s Journeyman Guitar Tool
Mighty Bright Pedalboard Light
The Stage Player – performance stool and guitar stand combo

These items are of excellent quality and exceptional value. Do yourself a favor and pickup one of these helpful tools!


"Tone Freq" Aljon Go
Freq’n out? Found a cool link? E-mail Aljon: tonefreq(at)

Monday, June 23, 2008

WLPb covered by Vintage Guitar

Wow- this is cool!!!

Thanx VG!!!

Vintage Guitar covers GearTrap!!!

Wanted: Cool Gear Stories

Do You Have a Great Gear Story? If so, I want to hear it! If you have a story you'd like to share about "the one that got away", you're best gear purchase EVER, or even something that's just plain cool that we all need to know about, then email me at:

I'll be compiling some cool stories and I want yours to be included!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer NAMM Video of the Day

More WLPb Pics and Video On The Way!!!

Keep a close eye on GearTrap for the next few days. There will be lots of pics and even some more video posted very soon!

WLPb Contest Amendment- PLEASE READ!

Ok- It's come to my attention that some of you fine folks are having trouble posting your pedalboard pics- sorry about that. From here on out, email your pics to:

Remember- the best pic of the coolest board wins a Pedaltrain Pro used in the World's Largest Pedalboard!!! Winner pays shipping.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

NAMM Coverage: Day 2

So, I made a quick trip to the NAMM show today. I couldn't stay long, but i had to drop by and see what i could see. Here are a few pics:


The Floor of the NAMM Show


Belcat Effects (Australia)


Industrial Amps

Gibson Summer Jam '08

Here are some pics from night one of Gibson Summer Jam:


Gibson Summer Jam


The Main Tent


Gibson Memphis


Inside the Gibson Custom Shop


Some of Gibson's Newest Custom Shop Models


50th Anniversary Les Paul Tribute guitar!!!


Joe Bonamassa Inspired By Les Paul Goldtop

NAMM Weekend Update!

Hello GearTrappers!

I'm headed out to the NAMM show now to get the skinny on the latest gear for 08-09! Will I be the only blogger there? I'd say it's quite possible! So make sure to keep a close eye on GearTrap this weekend and be the first to know it all!!!

Also- I'll be posting some photos from the Gibson Custom Shop Summer Jam '08!!!'s WLPb Follow-Up

Very cool bit here by the great Joe Bosso. Thanx Joe! WLPb Coverage

Friday, June 20, 2008

GearTrap at the Eden Electronics/Randall Amplifiers NAMM Party

Last night, my fiancé Anna and I ventured out to The Rutledge in Nashville for the Eden Electronics/Randall Amplifiers NAMM Party. The party was killer and featured one of my favorite acts: The Justin Conn Band. Justin's band, which features GearTrap contributor Sean O'Bryan Smith on bass, smoked through a set of bluesy rock that the ladies certainly seemed to love. Just about the time Sean O'Bryan Smith was cooling down the hottest bass solo of the night, the one and only Victor Wooten came through the door and surprised everyone! Great night and Great Party! Thanks Eden/Randall!

BIG CONTEST!!! Win a Piece of the World's Largest Pedalboard!!!

Yep- you read that right! Thanx to GearTrap- THE gear blog and Pedaltrain, we're giving you the chance to win a piece of the World's Largest Pedalboard! It's called "The GearTrap/Pedaltrain Show Us Your Board Contest" and here's how it works:

Email a photo of your pedalboard and your name to The photo entries will be judged by Myself, Aljon "Tone Freq" Go, and John Chandler of Pedaltrain. The winning picture will receive a Pedaltrain Pro pedalboard used in the World's Largest Pedalboard AND a GearTrap T-Shirt!!!

The only catch is that the winner pays the shipping costs, but let's face it- that's pennies for a kick ass pedalboard- let alone one that's a part of gear history! Entries will be accepted until midnight (Central Standard Time- US) on June, 27th- (that's next Friday). Feel free to get really creative here and make sure that your board stands out!

Let's get those flash bulbs poppin'!!!

Killer Video of the WLPb from Premier Guitar!!!

Thanx to Adam Moore and Joe Coffey for this KILLER clip!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008 Covers WLPb!

Here's our first bit of post-WLPb press. Our friends at have been kind enough to do a follow up on our success at last night's NAMM Party! Special thanx to Gibson editor and sometimes GearTrap contributor Gabriel J. Hernandez!

GearTrap on!!!

WLPb: A Very Special Thank You

So, its official- GearTrap has built and successfully operated the World's Largest Pedalboard! Last night in Nashville, the hundreds in attendance at our first NAMM Party were privy to gear history. We made our first of many attempts to set the record for the WLPb and were completely successful.I'll be divulging more details in the coming days, but for those of you who are wondering, the WLPb consisted of 142 pedals. What's more, it sound great! What's the secret? I'll never tell.

Anyway, onto more important matters- I owe a huge thank you to a lot of people so here we go-

First and foremost, to Aljon "Tone Freq" Go. Without him, it would've never happened. To say "he's the man" doesn't come close to covering it.

Also, thanks to John Chandler of Pedaltrain. John helped us take a good idea and make it a reality. He came onboard and dedicated countless hours of his time and his fantastic brand's name to the effort.

Thanks to ALL our sponsors!

Thanks also to the following people:

Anna Kraft- Volunteer
Kristen Go- Volunteer/Auction/Catering/Press and Media
Kate Hoon- Volunteer
Ashley McDowell- Volunteer
Logan Hamner- Volunteer
Kristina Shulz- Volunteer
Steven King- Volunteer
Matt Hallam- Volunteer/Donor
Tim Blem- Volunteer
Jess Morris- Volunteer
Missy Rentfro- Volunteer
All the lovely ladies that handled our silent auction
Brian Lionman- Clinician
"Toddzilla"- Clinician
The National Kidney Foundation
Justin Roddick- 12th & Porter
Daniel Slezinger- 12th & Port/Autumn Addict
Ryan- Autumn Addict
The Staff of 12th & Porter
Sean O'Bryan Smith and band/Donor
Mellow Down Easy
Bob Weil- Visual Sound/Donor
Terry Greene- Donor
Tony Higbee- Donor
Jesse Floyd- Donor
Gabe Hernandez- Donor

Anyway, that's it for this year! We'll see you all next year when we beat our record at the WLPb 2.0!!!

Effects Explained: Overdrive, Fuzz, and Distortion

Check out this killer article detailing the ins and outs of gain boosters...

OD, Distortion, Fuzz

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

On the Eve...

Thank you all for your patience with the lack of content lately. I promise that we'll be back on track soon.

With that said, we have a killer party planned for tomorrow night. If you're going to be in Nashville for the summer NAMM show,
make sure to drop by!

See you all tomorrow night!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Deja Vibe/Red Witch Shootout

Alumisonic Classic Alloy T6

If you've never played a metal guitar, you're missing out big time. The metal conveys a really unique resonance and an interesting bright twang that doesn't all together surprise you. Case in point, the Alumisonic Classic Alloy T6 Semi Chrome-22... Light and durable, this cat is made of aircraft quality aluminum looks fantastic. It sports a large, 70's style tele pickguard along with the '72 pickup configuration- SC/HB. The neck is finished with nitro and it's available in some very interesting color options including "Aluminum Burst"- very cool. check it out!

Congratulations Contest Winners!

Last night, John Chandler and I appeared on 1029 the Buzz radio in Nashville. John and Pedaltrain were generous enough to give artist Endorsement deals to a few lucky winners! That's pretty huge! Congrats to those winners and to John and Pedaltrain for having the most kick-ass pedalboard company on the planet!!! Also, thanks to Pedaltrain for being a DIAMOND sponsor for this year's WORLD'S LARGEST PEDALBOARD NAMM PARTY!

See you all at the NAMM party- this Wednesday night!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rustlin’ Up Some Fuzz-Boutique-style fuzz boxes, rounded-up by Matt Hallam

Below is an awesome five fuzz review done by my friend Matt Hallam. Matt is a fuzz hound, just like me and has given us his opinion of some of the coolest fuzzes out there now- check it out!!!

Today I took the time to listen to four fuzz pedals to review for GearTrap! Two I own personally and two were loaned to be by my friend and GearTrap guru Joe King. I had a great time playing through them all and had lots of fun listening to their individual tonal qualities.

Tested were the J. Everman “Fuzz Drive G2”, the Throbak Electronics “Stone Bender”, the Blackout Effectors “Fix’d Fuzz” and the BFD Design Mad Professor “Fire Red Fuzz”.

I used mainly a Gibson Reissue ’58 VOS Chambered Les Paul with Gibson Burstbucker 1 and 2 pickups, but threw in a Fender Classic Player 60’s Strat with Fender Custom ’69 pickups for comparison. I plugged into a Sovtek Mig 50 head through a Sovtek 2-12” closed back deep cab loaded with one Eminence “The Governor” and one Celestion “Vintage 30” speakers.

J. Everman “Fuzz Drive G2”. According to the manufacturer, “The Fuzz Drive is the result of the combination of a fully functional fuzz pedal and a high quality overdrive”. It is intended to work “with your amp and sound more like a part of it instead of hacked into it, as a lot of pedals do”.

Pro- I was given this pedal as a gift by a fellow guitarist after a session we did at Sun Studio in Memphis last year. He had two of these and wanted to thank me for the experience…very cool indeed!

Con- I have yet to fall in love with this pedal. It doesn’t have a LED indicator. I find the tone of this pedal to be thick but a bit muddy, and all the controls seem to need to be maxed (except for the overall volume) to get any decent fuzz or overdrive out of the unit. It’s very “mellow” for a fuzz box. Note- On paper this pedal would appear to be killer. In reality I find this box to be lackluster and a plain let down so far. In its defense, it does have two internal trim adjustments to help the player find their sound. The manufacturer states “typically these are set to the max level”, which I totally agree with after playing around with different settings (less= well, LESS!). Damn.

Throbak Electronics “Stone Bender”. According to Throbak, the Stone Bender is “a faithful reproduction of the fabled 3 germanium Sola Sound Tone Bender MKII Professional used by Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck”. Also, “a pre gain switch makes this a great overdrive pedal as well as a monster high gain fuzz box that gives endless sustain and useable feedback”.

Pro- I feel this pedal really does NAIL the early Zeppelin I and II Page sounds. It has great sustain and the feedback from held notes sing organically (a bit of sag that extends into harmonic detail). It is a simple pedal to use and really does its thing. I especially like it with the Les Paul but can cover the Hendrix with a strat quite well.

Con- This pedal is very micro-phonic when on. The first day I had mine I was jamming alone in my rehearsal space. When I stopped playing for a brief moment, through my amp came a loud voice reading scripture from the Book of Revelation, freaked me out big-time but when I figured out what was going on I had to assume Page was sitting in his castle laughing with the Devil himself. The other thing is this unit may be voiced a bit too vintage for some, definitely a bit thinner toned than the other pedals tested but not “weak” in any regard.

Blackout Effectors “Fix’d Fuzz”. From Blackout Effectors, “The Fix’d Fuzz is a gnarly, multi-headed dragon of a fuzz/boost. Wherein a million extreme sounds live, yet a million +1 more traditional fuzz/boost tones roam. This is not a novelty “use once during the show”-type fuzz, but it can readily compete with those too”.

Pro- Lots (seriously) of fuzz tones to experiment with and controls to utilize them. The box itself has really cool graphics; big-ass black ants rock anywhere but picnics and my kitchen.

Con- No battery can be used, has to use a DC power supply with a 2.1mm power jack (Boss style). The “Buzz” knob (volume) affects the signal of the guitar through the unit even when off, creating unwanted noise in the signal chain, etc…not good in my opinion. The fuz:2 toggle switch activates what is referred to by the manufacturer as (fuc’d), this really makes the box extra noisy and well, kinda fuc’d up. Note- I get it, and only list this as a con as this is a “use once during the show” feature in my opinion.

BFD Design Mad Professor “Fire Red Box”. As stated by pedal designer Bjorn Juhl of Finland, “Fire Red Fuzz is an easy- playing pedal with long sustain and a lot of tone variations. The pedal has a compressed, deep effect to allow equal sustain throughout the fret board. Tone control was specifically designed to allow tones from mellow fuzz, through slight mid-cut to thin bright fuzz. This allows layering different sounding guitar parts in multi-track recordings”.

Pro- This is a simple to use pedal with really killer fuzz and sustain. Knobs felt smooth and were easy to read and adjust on the fly.

Con- With the Fuzz and Volume knobs higher than noon, the unit wanted to “howl” uncontrollably when on. Tone knob seemed voiced on the bass-side, didn’t really become “alive” until past 1 o’clock.

THE BOTTOM LINE! I am going to list the pedals in order from my most favorite to least. I would like to state before I do that it is obvious to me that all four of the manufactures seem to really care about the quality of their pedals and the tones they provide to their customers. I opened all of these pedals up to view the internal components and workmanship; all were very neatly done and built for the long haul!

Throbak Electronics “Stone Bender”. This is the one I would choose if I could only keep one to use on a deserted island. I dig its vintage voicing and the way it interacts with both the guitar and amp. This one “feels” right to me, the way notes sag, sing and sustain really make the Stone Bender my personally favorite of the group. Note- I use this pedal with a Tele often, which really takes it into the early Zeppelin realm!

BFD Design Mad Professor “Fire Red Fuzz”. This pedal is a very close second to the Stone Bender. It has a bit more modern voicing to it (you could easily use this pedal to coax Queens of the Stone Age or Fu Manchu tones yet still hit Billy Gibbons/ZZ Top sounds). Good sustain and versatility of tones, love its simplicity.

Blackout Effectors “Fix’d Fuzz”. This arguably is the most versatile fuzz box of the group and one I would choose for recording or if I wanted to work into the NIN territory. I have a real problem with the “Buzz” control adding noise to the amp and other pedals for live situations, even when the pedal is off. I personally don’t like the fact that it can’t be powered by battery if necessary. In defense of this design choice Blackout Effectors state: “the Fix’d Fuzz does not consume batteries, because they simply won’t fit in it’s belly…objectives in building the Fix’d Fuzz was making the most versatile pedal…in the smallest possible enclosure…that could only happen at the sacrifice of not being able to run on battery power. They’re (batteries) bad for our environment anyways”. True.

J. Everman “Fuzz Drive G2”. I want to like this pedal. I really do. However I have yet to find its way onto my pedal board or onto a recording. It’s not that it sounds bad, it’s just not enough. According to J. Everman each unit is “hand built, tested signed and dated by a single craftsman to assure quality”. I appreciate that, but it is the sound I am still reaching for with this box. There has to be a reason why my friend Steve who always has great tone had two of these…Hmmmm.

Thanks to GearTrap and Joe King for allowing me to test and review these stomp boxes. I prefer my fuzz to be as thick and full as that in a 70’s Playboy, yet as sensitive and defined as that on a Brazilian beach. You are always only one G-string away from Heaven, and the box that awaits your arrival. Have fun on your search!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Nashville Guitar Show

Look out for some cool pics from the Nashville Guitar Show coming very soon...

GearTrap International

Trust me, you DON'T speak this language, but check it out just the same... Very cool international coverage of the WLPb!!!

GearTrap Goes GLOBAL!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Jimi's Scorched Ax Hits the Auction Block

Yea, you read that right... check it out:

Jimi Hendrix Burnt Guitar features GearTrap Radio Interview

Thanks to our buddies at Premier Guitar for helping us put the word out about the upcoming GearTrap radio interview! In case you didn't hear, I will be appearing on 1029fm the Buzz THIS SUNDAY NIGHT at 9pm. Joining me will be the one and only John Chandler of Pedaltrain fame. Make sure to tune in if you live in the Nashville/Middle TN. area!!!

PLUS- you can call in with your gear questions @ 615-737-1029 and have them answered ON THE AIR!!!

Premier Guitar RIFFS

WLPb Update!

Sorry for the lack of content lately kids- we are slammed putting together Wednesday's shindig! We are stoked to meet everyone and share our love of gear! The World's Largest Pedalboard is coming!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rocktron Triple Shock

Thanks to Rocktron, one of our Secondary Sponsors for the WLPb NAMM party, I was able to write the first ever “On the Board- Triple Threat”. Essentially, I’ll be reviewing three of Rocktron’s pedals at once and then i’ll pick a favorite... sound good? Well Let’s get started!

The first of the three Rocktron pedals is the Metal Planet Distortion. The Metal Planet is a very cool distortion pedal. It’s over the top and runs a fine gammut between mid-boosted
modern tones and scooped metal sonics. It sports Level, Low, High, Mid, Mid Freq, and Distortion controls- pretty standard. Big, thick, nasty...

Next up, we have the Zombie Rectified Distortion. Much to my surprise, this guy was a little more laid back than his brother, but he still wailed. EQ seems a LITTLE broad, in other words, you don’t see as much difference between zero and ten as you might think. At the end of the day though, the frequencies work together and all the pieces fall into place to form a seriously rockin’, high-gain picture. Just make sure you don’t let it bite you and if it gets too close, shoot it in the head!

Finally, We have the Short timer Delay. At first, I was a little skeptical of this one, I must say.
The packaging states that it specializes in short delay, hence the name “Short Timer”. I questioned whether or not iId be able to evoke from it the spacey delays that I love... shame on me for not trusting you Rocktron... This is a great digital delay. It’s fairly compact and sounds amazing. Not only that, but there is far more to it sonically than I gave it credit for.Everyone from David Gilmour to Dick Dale will certainly love this piece.

I’d like to point out that these pedals are seriouly well made. All metal enclosures and other high quality components make it easy to see why Rocktron is one of the biggest names out there. On a personal note- I’d like to thank RT for placing the power plug in such a convenient location (on the Input side at the back). It’s out of the way of your patch cords and there shouldn’t be any problems making it fit well onto your board.

All that said, I promised a winner and a winner you shall have. Drum roll please- the winner is... The Metal Planet! Great distortion that plan on buying really soon. Keep up the good work Rocktron!

Video of the Day: Zvex Box of Metal... THROUGHA DRUM MACHINE!

This is so righteous...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Steve Stevens+Premier Guitar+Creation Audio Labs= Not too Shabby

Check out Steve Stevens giving our boys at Creation Audio Labs (a sponsor for next week's WLPb NAMM party by the way) a shout out on righteous...

Steve Stevens+Premier Guitar+Creation Audio Labs= Not too Shabby

PRS Mike Mushok SE Baritone

I haven't been a fan of Staind since before I heard of them... Ok, I DID own "Break the Cycle", but I can't be blamed for that. That's the state of radio for ya... Anyway, I digress- PRS has released the MM (Mike Mushok- Staind guitarist) SE Baritone. I think this is pretty cool because I'm a big baritone fan. It features a 27.7 scale length maple neck w/ and ebony fretboard and a bitchin' Silverburst finish. Volume and Tone controls mix with a three way toggle to deliver righteous tones all the way down to the brown note.

Effects Explained: Boost/Comp

Check out this continuation of's "Effects Explained" series, which exposes the many mysteries of Boost.


GearTrap Killed the Radio Star

For you GearTrappers in the Nashville area, I will be appearing on 1029 the Buzz radio this Sunday night from at 9pm. I will be joined by John Chandler, founder of Pedaltrain. If you'd like to have you gear or pedalboard question answered LIVE on the air, you can call us at 615-737-1029.

You can find more info on 1029 the Local Buzz by checking the "Links" section... Interviews Jaux

Check out the latest GearTrap interview by Joe Bosso of by clicking the link below.

MusicRadar's Interview w/ GearTrap

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Electro-Harmonix Holy Stain

This one's on my hit list...

TONE FREQ REVIEW – Industrial Amps’ Overdrive 15

When you think about the term “industrial strength” products like pain killers, bathroom cleaners and hair-dryers (for you hair metal fans) typically come to mind. Now the term can apply to guitar amplifiers. The words “industrial strength” is defined as hardware that is designed for fault tolerant operation. Amps become industrial strength after being thoroughly tested in live user environments for extensive periods using only the highest grade of components. The upstart company Industrial Amps make point-to-point wired amps built one-by-one in limited quantities with military spec, explosion proof, and hospital grade components. This ensures a long reliable lifetime of use and superior tonal quality.

I discovered Industrial Amps at a guitar show several months ago and was blown away with the unique looks and heavy duty looking construction. Last month I was able to borrow the Overdrive 15 for a show and when I finally plugged in and started chugging on the obligatory rhythm chords I was wowed by the tone and clarity of the chords I played. The amp was unlike anything I have ever heard. At low to medium volumes you have a nice warm sound, when dimed out the overdrive was rich and harmonic.

The construction was industrial strength. The tolex was nice and thick, the cabinet was solid and the power cord was a detachable extension type of cord – very cool. The ohm selector and speaker jacks were easy enough to access and read and that clear glass front panel looks very nice! I can see an LED mod coming!
Albeit a bit pricey I don’t have any issues with this amp. For the size of head it was pretty heavy due to all the tubes, heavy-duty transformers and glass front. This amp is perfect for recording or gigging out with your classic rock or blues band. If you are looking for an amp that will set you apart from the pack in terms of looks, sound and performance IA’s Overdrive 15 is worth a look.

Check out for more info!

Freq’n out? E-mail Aljon: tonefreq(at)gmail(dot)com.

Aljon Go is considered to be a “pedal junkie” by his peers often asked for advice when building pedal boards. He toured the world with his award winning band Mink and was the artist relations/marketing pro for a musical accessory company. He currently spends his time bringing new and exciting tones to regional acts Jaux King, JonesWorld and Mister Happy. He is also host of the long running “Local Buzz” radio show in Nashville and product specialist for a leading guitar company. Freq’n out? E-mail Aljon: tonefreq(at)gmail(dot)com.

Tone Freq's TONE TIP: Boss DS-1 vs DS-1 Ultra Keeley Electronics Mod

Mods are a GOOD THING! Last month Jaux posted his review of Keeley Electronics DS-1 Ultra mod and I wanted to find a video to demo the two pedals side by side. I am HUGE fan of Keeley’s work, owning most of his most popular mods and pedals. The video link below clearly shows the differences. Even with laptop speakers the difference in tone is very noticeable. Toward the end of the clip the toggle is engaged switching from the “Seeing Eye” mod for high-gain to the second LED stage giving it more bottom-end richness. No matter the genre of music the Keeley DS-1 Ultra mod is a must-have for fans of great distortion tone!

Thanks to McKinoza for posting his shootout on YouTube.


For more info please visit:

Aljon Go is considered to be a “pedal junkie” by his peers often asked for advice when building pedal boards. He toured the world with his award winning band Mink and was the artist relations/marketing pro for a musical accessory company. He currently spends his time bringing new and exciting tones to regional acts Jaux King, JonesWorld and Mister Happy. He is also host of the long running “Local Buzz” radio show in Nashville and product specialist for a leading guitar company. Freq’n out? E-mail Aljon: tonefreq(at)gmail(dot)com.

AAAHHHHHHH!!! 2009 Guitar World Gear Guide Highlights

So I won't touch on the appearance by Girls Next Door; that pretty much speaks for itself. However, I will impart this list of the top "Holy Shit" moments of my perusal today:

-Way Huge Makes a Come Back!!!- We reported a couple months ago that legendary pedal maker "Way Huge Electronics" had given MXR (drool) the go ahead to reissue many of their classic boxes- the "Swollen Pickle", "Pork Pie", and "Fat Sandwich", just to name a few. It will be very exciting to see Way Huge pedals back out there!

-MXR Classic Fuzz- On first glance, you think "awesome, MXR makes a fuzz!" but after reading the blurb, you realize that the new MXR Classic Fuzz is actually an improved Fuzz Face, complete with a battery door, optional AC operation, True Bypass, and an LED! Also included as an improvement is the addition of a buffer circuit (THE latest thing in effects) which helps eliminate the audible oscillations caused when some Wah pedals are placed in front of the Fuzz Face.

-EVH Signature Wah- We also did a preview of the EVH wah some time ago. On first glance, it's everything you'd think it should be- Awesome graphics and more! Looking for the "Holy Grail" wah tone? This could be your ticket!

-Ibanez Flying Pan Phaser Reissue- Whoa! Seriously? This phaser is right up there with the Small Stone and the Phase 90 as one of the classics. The Flying Pan combines stereo phasing, panning, and tremolo into a perfect storm of a pedal. It won't be cheap, at 357.13 (MSRP), but something tells me it won't disappoint!

-Seymour Duncan Power Grid Distortion- Our friends at Seymour Duncan, not to be out done, are featuring a new stompbox in the gear guide. The "Power Grid" distortion is multi-element gain and volume effect that straddles the line between soft, warm, vintage overdrive and searing, grinding British distortion.

-Korg Pitch Black +- Korg didn't waste any time making a good thing better. The new Pitch Black + is the latest in Korg's line of professional, reliable tuners. Dual switches for guitar or bass make this a heap of +/-0.1 cent accurate, ready for the road, feature pack phenomena!

There you have it- the eye catchers! Give me enough time and I'm sure I'll find more!!!

Aljon Go: GearFest Famous Guy Guitar Dealer

Here's one more link to Premier Guitar's GearFest '08 overview. (Side Note-I would like to point out: at the bottom of the page check out the one and only Seymour Duncan (himself) playing a Gibson High Roller purchased from our very own Aljon "Tone Freq" Go! Wheelin' and Dealin'!!!)


Our good friends at Premier Guitar are offering you free gear... What's the catch? well, I guess you'll have to hike over there and see!

We couldn't do it without you- THANX 2008 NAMM SPONSORS!!!

I would like to extend a very special thanks to all our sponsors for the World's Largest Pedalboard NAMM Party. They are:

Pedaltrain (Diamond Sponsor)
George L's (Platinum)
Visual Sound (Gold)
Seymour Duncan (Gold)
D'Addario (Gold)

Secondary Sponsors:
Iconic Rockwear
Creation Audio Labs
Mighty Bright- Music Lights
Blackout Effectors
Mad Professor
Gopher Entertainment Group

I would ask that you patronize these brands and give them your support as they have GearTrap. They are all makers of quality
products that GearTrap is very proud to endorse. Thanks to all our sponsors we'll be bringing you the hottest NAMM event of 2008! DO NOT MISS IT!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

What's That Dude Break? NEWS?

In addition to saying some very nice things about GearTrap and giving us a very valuable plug (thanx a ton!!!) Our new friends over at What's That Dude Play? broke news recently of a much hushed Keeley FET Distortion box. Not only is this something we're very excited to learn more about, but it just goes to show that WTDP has impeccable taste in effects- deal with that!

VIDEO OF THE DAY: Lovetone Meatball

Join Bono's brother as he walks us through the Lovetone Meatball. Nice earring, aye?

TONE FREQ – Visual Sound Visual Volume – 10th Anniversary Edition

Volume pedals were never pedals I went bonkers for. I normally played my guitar with the volume wide open and seldom used the volume knob. When I heard that Visual Sound would be releasing a reissue of their volume pedal with their patented “Pure Tone” circuitry I was intrigued.

From everything I have read about Visual Sound’s “Pure Tone” circuitry it cleans up your signal when placed first in your chain of effects - PERFECT! This would allow me to use the Visual Volume first and place my wah afterwards. Since the Visual Volume also has a dedicated tuner out my tuner is now out of the chain. More often than not guitarists, me included, would loose their place in regards of setting volume with a pedal. This is not the case with the Visual Volume. The 10 LEDs are bright and easy to read with blue lights and red highlighting the 5 and 10 positions. You will always have a place of reference to set the perfect level. Volume swells are nice and easy to perform with the rocker performing very smoothly. There were no squeaks, pops or extraneous noises coming from the unit and preformed rather quietly. The pedal is much larger than your average volume or wah pedal but not as heavy as you would think due to the heavy-duty die-cast aluminum housing. The unit can also take a stereo input and output so keyboard players can use it as well! I powered the unit with Visual Sound’s 1-Spot but it can also be powered with a standard 9-volt battery. Since there are plenty of LEDs in the unit I wouldn’t recommend using the battery. Overall, the pedal’s killer performance and features won me over. The solid construction, bright LEDs, dedicated tuner output and the smooth action of the rocker combined with the “Pure Tone” circuit makes my tone soar. Coupled with other effects it sounded like I was plugged straight into my amp! Kudos to Visual Volume for making a volume pedal I finally went bonkers for!

See it at work: HERE

Check out for more info!

Freq’n out? E-mail Aljon: tonefreq(at)gmail(dot)com.

Aljon Go is considered to be a “pedal junkie” by his peers often asked for advice when building pedal boards. He toured the world with his award winning band Mink and was the artist relations/marketing pro for a musical accessory company. He currently spends his time bringing new and exciting tones to regional acts Jaux King, JonesWorld and Mister Happy. He is also host of the long running “Local Buzz” radio show in Nashville and product specialist for a leading guitar company. Freq’n out? E-mail Aljon: tonefreq(at)gmail(dot)com.

Blackout Effectors Fix'd Fuzz

I've mentioned Blackout Effectors several times on GearTrap and I keep promising to give you all a little more info, so here it is: Blackout Effectors is a Vancouver BC based company founded by Kyle Tompkins. Kyle himself has a great blog that I frequently check out (see our "links" section) featuring mods and lots of gear info. Kyle was kind enough to jump on the pain train when it comes to the World's Largest Pedalboard and sent us the flagship effect from Blackout- the Fix'd Fuzz. The Fix'd Fuzz is a truly unique fuzz box that is chocked full of features. Upon first glance, you notice the four mini-toggles at the top of the unit and three pots. The toggles allow you to add or subtract different levels of not just fuzz, but overdrive and distortion as well. After you've toggled your way to a great gain level, you can fine-tune the tone using the pot controls- bloom, shade, and buzz. The FF has a great "70's Sci-Fi" look to it with its yellow finish and giant ants and the whole design scheme is one of the coolest features. Kyle went miles out of his way to create a really great effect here. I've been able to conjure some really killer Marilyn Manson meets Smashing Pumpkins fuzz tones as well as some really raunchy, dark, Queens of the Stone Age overdrives.

Fuzz is one of my favorite effects. If you're like me and enjoy the sound of an over-the-top fuzz rocketing its way from a tortured speaker to a sadomasochistic eardrum (does it hurt? Do we like it? Or both???), then you will agree that the Fix'd Fuzz does not suck

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Go Fuch Yourself: Fuchs Plush Cream Pedal

The new Fuchs line is one i'm interested to see and hear more about... See the Dweezil Zappa post below...



All I can say is- wow... Thanx Moog, we love you...

A Big Thanx!

In checking our traffic tonight, I noticed that we received some props and support from the guys at IG Blog. They were kind enough to offer their support and a link to GT, so i'd like to do the same! Thanx again!!!

IG Blog

True Bypass- Yes, No, or Maybe...

Here's a killer article on true bypass. Very cool stuff!

True Bypass

Friday, June 6, 2008

BOSS DD-7 Digital Delay

All I can say is this- "BOSS, why didn't you tell me???" GearTrappers, your day has come! Today I found out (you may already know) BOSS is releasing their new DD-7 Digital Delay pedal. The major online retailers have them up and good to go (stock not withstanding).

We're all familiar with digital delay staples like the DD-1, DD-3, and the DD-6. BOSS basically invented the delay stompbox, or at least made it most available to the public. Now, they've gone and out done themselves again. I obviously haven't gotten a chance to play this boy yet, but having said that, it does look like it packed to the gills with awesome features.

Below I've included some specs that I lifted off the internet. If anyone gets a chance to try one out, hit me up and let me know how it was!


Expanded Delay Time- Up to 6.4 seconds of delay time is available with the DD-7, a marked increase from its predecessor. In addition, Hold mode allows up to 40 seconds of input to be recorded for creating sound on sound performances.

Delay Modes- The DD-7 is equipped with two innovative and advanced delay modes. Modulation Delay provides chorus-flavored sounds. Analog Delay offers a modeled simulation of the classic BOSS DM-2, beloved for its characteristic warmth.

External Control- For hands-free control of the DD-7, an external footswitch and Expression pedal (sold separately) can be used. Tap tempo can be controlled from an external footswitch, while delay time, feedback, and effect level can be changed on the fly via Expression pedal.

Stereo Output- Create amazing effects with the DD-7 s stereo output, such as spatial audio sweeps via true stereo panning. You can also use the stereo outputs to create separate dry and wet signal paths handy for recording and live-performance control.

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal Features- Expanded delay time, up to 6.4 seconds
Modulation Delay mode offers natural, chorus-type sounds
Analog Delay mode models the classic warm BOSS DM-2 analog delay sound

Tap tempo controllable via external footswitch- Delay time, feedback, and effect level can be controlled via external Expression pedal (sold separately)
Up to 40 seconds of recording for sound on sound (Hold mode)
Controls: E.LEVEL, F.BACK, D.TIME, MODE, Pedal switch
Indicator: CHECK (Used for indication of TEMPO, HOLD, and to check battery)
Connectors: INPUT-A (MONO) jack, INPUT-B jack, OUTPUT-A (MONO) jack, OUTPUT-B jack, TEMPO/EXP jack, AC adaptor jack (DC 9 V)
Delay Time: 1 ms to 6400 ms*, Maximum recording time: 40 sec (in Hold mode) *Values may vary according to the mode and connections.
Nominal Input Level: -20 dBu
Input Impedance: 1 M ohm
Nominal Output Level: -20 dBu
Output Impedance: 1 k ohm
Recommended Load Impedance: 10 ohms or greater
Power Supply: DC 9 V, Dry battery, 9 V type (6F22/carbon, 6LR61/alkaline) AC Adaptor (PSA-series: optional), DC 9 V: Dry battery 6F22 (9 V) type (carbon)/ Dry battery 6LR61 (9 V) type (alkaline), AC Adaptor (PSA-series: optional)
Current Draw: 55 mA (DC 9 V)
* Expected battery life under continuous use: Carbon: 1.5 hours, Alkaline: 6 hours. These figures will vary depending on the actual conditions of use.
Accessories: Owner's Manual, Mode Sticker, Application Sticker, Leaflets ("USING THE UNIT SAFELY," "IMPORTANT NOTES," and "Information"), Dry battery (9 V type, 6LR61) *1
Options: AC adaptor (PSA-series), Footswitch: FS-5U, Expression pedal: Roland EV-5

Size and Weight
Width: 73 mm (2-7/8 inches)
Depth: 129 mm (5-1/8 inches)
Height: 59 mm (2-3/8 inches)
Weight: 0.4 kg (1 lbs.)
* 0 dBu = 0.775 Vrms
*1 The battery that is supplied with the unit is for temporary use, intended primarily for testing the unit's operation. Alkaline battery recommended when replacing the battery.
*The specifications are subject to change without notice.

Gibson USA Joan Jett Signature Melody Maker

In recent years, Gibson Guitar has revived their old classic- the Melody Maker. The Melody Maker was a staple on stages everywhere back in the old days. Especially in the punk genre, where the Melody Maker's stripped- down simplicity and legendary affordability made it the choice of punks everywhere. One of those punks was a raven haired chick named Joan Jett (you may have heard of her). Over the years, Joan's mainstay ax has been the white Melody Maker she got in 1977. Gibson's Joan Jett Signature Melody Maker features a lightweight, slab mahogany body with a Worn White finish. The slim-tapered neck profile is handcrafted to the same specs as Jett's original guitar, with an ebony fingerboard and Gibson's classic, silk-screened gold logo on the headstock. The tuners are mini-Grovers with authentic "witch hat" knobs, exactly as they are on Jett's guitar. A "kill" switch (a la Tom Morello) replaces the normal Gibson toggle switch, and the body is outfitted with a period-correct black vinyl pickguard. The classic, snarling growl of Jett's original Melody Maker is accurately captured by a single Gibson Burstbucker 3 zebra humbucker, slightly overwound with asymmetrical coils, unpolished Alnico II magnets, and all the punch and power of an original Gibson PAF pickup. Add some typical Melody Maker appointments-24 ¾-inch scale length, and standard Gibson Tune-o-matic and stopbar tailpiece-and you've got an ax guaranteed to snarl it's lip and gnash it's teeth. "BUT WAIT- THERE'S MORE!"-Each Joan Jett Signature Melody Maker comes with a Gibson USA hard case... Would you look at that?

D'Addario Signs On As Gold Sponsor!

Just under the wire, our friends at D'Addario have graciously come onboard with us to bring you the World's Largest Pedalboard as a Gold Sponsor! I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Trish and everyone at D'Addario for their support!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Share with your friends!!!


Orange Tiny Terror

Ok, I've promised you all a review of the Orange Tiny Terror for weeks now, so here's a little something for you...

It's no secret that Orange Amplification is among the premier amp makers in the world. In my mind there has always been a stigma surrounding Orange that made the brand "Unattainable". I do have a friend who I used to play in a band with that had one, but he was one of only two guys that I had knew at the time that actually owned an Orange. His always sounded great and looked every bit as good.

Fast forward to a couple months ago. Suffice it to say that I was waiting on another amp that I'd had my eye on. The deal didn't seem to be working for whatever reason and I began to realize that I needed a new amp. I had been on borrowed rigs for a bit because I sold my '64 Bassman in order to finance the new rig. I finally decided that I would start searching for something affordable that sounded great. I searched online a bit, but couldn't manage to find anything that really lit my fire. A good friend of mine mentioned the Tiny Terror and the light bulb came on. I headed down to the local Orange dealer here in Nashville and picked one up. It just so happened that I had rehearsal that night, so I loaded it in the car and headed that I direction. I got to rehearsal, plugged in the amp and enjoyed The think, growling, tones... for a minute... then... the amp died... I kid you not. I was severely bummed, but I decided I would give it another shot. Besides, shit happens and it's completely possible the thing had a cold solder joint or a bad tube. Boy, am I glad I did. The next day I managed to get a new TT in hand and took it home. I was a little apprehensive at first, but once I heard the TT in all its glory, all my fears melted away.

Lately, I've gotten into low-wattage, low feature amps. My now famous and much criticized Epiphone Valve Jr. was my first foray into this realm. The Tiny Terror is great because it builds on this philosophy. It's a little bit bigger than a lunchbox and features only Volume, Gain, and Tone controls. This is a truly versatile amp tonally. I've been able to squeeze out all sorts of tones from this thing- ranging from shimmering cleans to ultra heavy overdrives. One cool extra is the wattage switch. You can go from 15 watts to 7 watts in less than a second. On the back, you'll find 16 and 8 ohm outs, adding to the versatility factor. I have yet to record with this bad boy, but I have played live with it and it held its own extremely well. It ground out the dirties and managed to keep up with a 100 watt Marshall easily.

I must say, that my initial disappointment (not in the amp itself, but in the circumstances) set me up to be a TT fan for life! This is an amp that I think will have an influence on future low-wattage amps and on a lot of guitarist's sounds. The Tiny Terror comes to you highly recommended by GearTrap. Go pick one up if you're in the market!

Effects Explained

Here is an awesome article on overdrive, boost compression, etc... very good stuff!

Effects Explained

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Some Clarification...

WOW! the response to our feature on has been completely overwhelming!!! Thank you all for interest in WLPb (even from you detractors of little faith)!!!

There have been a lot of questions on various message boards regarding WLPb. Here are a couple answers/things to keep in mind:

1. No one "gigs" with the board. It's being put together by gearheads, for gearheads- a. for fun and b. so we can celebrate our passion: GEAR. The board will not be used in anyone's band or on anyone's record. We built it for fun and because we had the idea to do so.

2. The board DOES indeed sound good, believe it or not. I must admit that I had my doubts and that is why we went to the trouble to do an advance dry run- to see what would happen. The board is made up of high quality components that are produced by companies that we firmly believe in and in some cases officially endorse, such as Pedaltrain, Visual Sound, George L's, Creation Audio Labs, and Seymour Duncan, just to name a few. Additionally, we wired the entire board with George L's cable, so let that be a lesson to you of who rules the cable universe.

3. The video featured on YouTube documents a TEST RUN. It's not like we spend our time video taping our self indulgent guitar wankery hoping you like it. We don't care.

4. Design and tone are not necessarily the point. The feat is what matters. We could have done a much more elaborate design,
but it's not warranted given that that's not necessarily part of the idea.

If there are any other questions or additional comments, feel free to post below or email me at geartrap (at) gmail (dot) com

On the Board: Mighty Bright Music Lights

In addition to being a sponsor for GearTrap's WORLD'S LARGEST PEDALBOARD NAMM Party, Mighty Bright Music Lights is a company that produces a truly unique and useful product. I believe this so much so that I personally emailed Michael Farley, concept creator of the Mighty Bright to tell him.
He's a great guy and MB is going to single-handedly make the WORLD'S LARGEST PEDALBOARD look fantastic. With all that having been said, I give you: On the Board: Mighty Bright Music Lights....

As we accumulate gear for the upcoming NAMM party, some very interesting products are surfacing from some great companies like Mad Professor (look for a Fire Red Fuzz review coming VERY soon) and Gig-fx. The most interesting to show up however has actually not been a pedal at all. The day the big box from Mighty Bright showed up, I took it in and opened it up. Inside the big box was a series of smaller boxes. Upon inspection I found all the MB components neatly in place and all accounted for. Without any confusion whatsoever, I quickly assembled a light and began to marvel at it. My Fiancé happened to come home from work at that moment and thought I was totally high. "Babe! Check out what came today! Aren't these bad ass???" I said. She gazed lovingly into my eyes and with the utmost sincerity said: "So?" It should be noted that what my fiancé lacks as a 'gearhead', she more than makes up for with beauty and personality.

I began to regale her with tales of all the "killer boards" I'd seen sporting those fancy gooseneck lights- and how I never thought a company would make an affordable version, but one had- and they were sponsoring the party- and how cool is this?! "Take a breath, would ya?" she said. Although my excitement didn't make much sense to her, I knew exactly how cool these things are.

Feature wise, the Mighty Bright Music Light is fairly simple- very well made yet easy to use. Each unit consists of two goosenecks with a small lamp atop each. One of these lights is a pair of ultra bright, white LEDs that ensure your board can be navigated on the darkest of stages. The second Neck features a "night-vision" light which trades the white LEDs for red (think "Platoon"), and is a brilliant tool for roadies, sound engineers, or anyone who wants to avoid the spotlight. A built-in clip makes this light a multi-purpose dream as it can handily be used in many applications.

Having placed two of these on my personal board already, I can tell you that they are tops. Even with all the lights out (the real test) my board looked like a disco in the middle of Time Square on New Year's Eve. No pedal was left to hide in darkness and dare I say, I think they enjoyed the light so much that they sounded better! Ok, maybe not, but let's just get one thing straight- If you own a pedalboard light company that is NOT called "Mighty Bright", do yourself a favor and hang it up...

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GearTrap's WORLD'S LARGEST PEDALBOARD is being featured on!!! Go check it out NOW!!!!!!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Building Your Own Pedals

In the next couple weeks, I will be showing you all how to build your own pedals. This is something I've started trying to learn lately and I'll show you some easy ways to get started.

Cheap Gear / Golden Tones

Here's some good news for all us gearheads on a budget: it IS possible for cheap gear to sounds good! Yep, you heard me right! Below is a link to an article that details some of the sonic highlights in the realm of cheap (or maybe not-so-cheap-anymore) gear.

We've all learned not to judge a book by it's cover- or a guitar by its headstock. Some of cheapest gear not only sounds great, but OOZES vibe.
As this article below states, guys like Jack White are credited with bringing the cheapest garage sale gear out on the road and making it sound great. Furthermore, in so doing, they drive up the price of the cheap stuff until it isn't cheap anymore! There's good stuff below- check it out!


DigiTech Harmonyman

Very cool new piece from DigiTech- The HarmonyMan is a dual switch pedal (think the JamMan Looper) that analyzes the chords that a guitarist plays and then, when the solo comes, harmonizes intelligently. Keep an eye out for more info!

The Trouble with Korina: Great for Guitars, Tough for Luthiers

Here's a very interesting piece written by a good friend of mine named Gabe Hernandez.Gabe is a very talented writer who writes full-time for Thanks to Gabe for allowing us to republish this awesome piece!

(Originally published on and republished by permission)

Gabriel J. Hernandez | 05.21.2008

The mere mention of Korina wood in the same breath with a guitar makes many guitarists and collectors drool. It is, after all, the wood used to build some of the most legendary Gibsons of all time—the original Flying V and the Explorer. Guitar builders, however, usually have a totally different reaction; Korina tends to make them reach for the nearest bottle of aspirin in order to ward off the headaches working with it causes.

Considered by most experts to be a “super mahogany” or “mahogany deluxe,” Korina wood bears a strong resemblance to mahogany in both tone and grain characteristics. Those same experts also agree that Korina has a sweeter midrange, with enhanced responsiveness, which would seemingly make it more desirable as a guitar-making wood. So why isn’t Korina—more commonly known as Limba—used more extensively to make guitars?

“It’s a very good wood for guitars,” said Edwin Wilson, Historic Program Manager/Engineering at Gibson’s famed Custom Shop. “It’s typically lighter in weight than mahogany, and tonewise it’s a bit brighter. But mahogany is the accepted standard. It comes down to tradition.”

Tradition yes, but Wilson said several other factors also play into a guitar maker’s decision to stay away from Korina as a wood of choice. For one, limited availability of this African wood makes it difficult for many guitar manufacturers to acquire the necessary planks to make large quantities of Korina guitars. And the quality of available Korina leaves many manufacturers sticking to the more traditional woods, like mahogany, maple, and rosewood.

“There’s simply not a very good supply chain to buy Korina from,” Wilson said. “You have to search outside of the U.S. to find it, and a lot of the time manufacturers want wood they can get easily.

“The other big problem is that in its initial stages, Korina is a difficult wood to work with. Korina trees tend to grow very large, but good large pieces are very hard to come by. Like any wood, Korina has a lot of moisture, and when the water drains from it, it drains very fast and causes the wood to split very easily. When we make Explorers and Flying Vs, we require big sections of wood, and we can’t use sections that have cracks and splits,” Wilson said.

Once Korina wood reaches between 30 and 40 percent moisture content, it is sealed to slow down the rate of moisture removal and stabilize the wood. The rest of the drying process then takes place inside kilns designed specifically for drying wood.

The other problem with Korina, according to Wilson, is that the wood is highly susceptible to staining. While still in the jungles of Guinea, Angola, and Zaire, various forms of fungus and bacteria can attach themselves to the wood to feed off its sugar content, which causes large black blotches that penetrate deep into the core of the wood. Once dried, the stains become permanent, making the wood unusable for a guitar.

But among guitar aficionados, the mention of “Korina” usually fires up memories of the golden era of electric guitar-making—an era that began in earnest in 1958 when Gibson and its legendary visionary President Ted McCarty shocked the guitar world with the introduction of a series of electric guitars that were seemingly years ahead of their time. Among these revolutionary instruments were the futuristic-looking Flying V and Explorer, both of them constructed using Korina.

The rest of the story is, of course, history. After a slow start, the Les Paul Standard went on to achieve six-string immortality, while lack of sales forced Gibson to temporarily suspend production of the Korina Flying V and Korina Explorer after only producing approximately 200 units of each guitar. Today, those same 400 or so Korina Flying Vs and Korina Explorers are two of the most priceless and sought-after vintage guitars on the market, fetching prices in excess of $300,000-$600,000.

Still, because of its association with the legendary Gibson Flying V and Explorer, Korina wood remains one of the most exotic—if not the most exotic—guitar-making wood in the world. And in celebration of the 50th anniversary of some of the world’s most revered guitars, Gibson plans to use Korina in some very special, limited issues, including a 50th Anniversary Korina Flying V and a 50th Anniversary Korina Explorer.

“We’ve got some pretty cool guitars coming out later this year,” Wilson said, adding that the 50th Anniversary Korina Flying V and Korina Explorer are simply the first two. “We’re going to build some special Les Pauls using Korina, and maybe a few others. It is a very beautiful wood that makes very good guitars. We’ve got some great looking golden-colored grains, and we plan to take advantage of that. They’ll be some fairly exotic guitars.”

Tone Freq’s LINK OF THE WEEK – Mad Professor Amps and Effects

Wicked amps and effects from Finland! The engineering and point-to-point wiring are incredibly clean. “Mad Professor” Bjorn Juhl, guitarist, designer, amp wizard and pedal guru is a modern day electronic wizard that is fast gaining reputation with his original designs in pedals and amps. Bjorn Juhl has what it takes to become an icon: perfect ear, great skills in guitar playing and unsurpassed knowledge in electronics. Check out the great amps and boutique pedals today! They will leave you rockin’ better than Hanoi Rocks (we won’t talk about that other Finnish band HIM)!

Aljon "Tone Freq" Go
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PREVIEW: Zoom’s ZFX Control/Stack Package

I was able to speak to a couple of Zoom reps about the brand new Zoom ZFX Control and Stack Packages as well as take it for a brief test-drive! ZFX Packages give guitarists and bassists the ability to create the ultimate tone solutions with an intuitive software/hardware setup. Incredibly easy and fun to use, ZFX combines sophisticated amp modeling software with a USB audio interface. Faithfully capturing the distinct tone of legendary amps, cabinets and effects, ZFX puts an impressive library a mere mouse-click away. With 12 classic guitar amps, 5 amazing bass amps, 16 cabinets, 4 types of recording mics and 41 stompbox effects, the tone possibilities are virtually limitless. And with drag-and-drop simplicity, you can choose any combination of amplifier, cabinet and effects while positioning the mic in the most appropriate location for your specific audio desires. I asked them how it was different from the others that are in the marketplace. The rep responded that other packages are designed for engineers and studio techs. This package is designed for the guitarist. After our demo and a few minutes dragging and creating my own sounds I found it to be very easy to use, cool to look at and most of all SOUND CONVINCING! I hope to have a hands-on review of the ZFX Control and Stack Packages real soon.

For more information, please visit:

See it in action: HERE

Freq’n out? E-mail Aljon: tonefreq(at)gmail(dot)com.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


Here is some video of Sarge from Creation Audio Labs and John Chandler of Pedaltrain dialing in THE WORLD'S LARGEST PEDALBOARD while our own Aljon "Tone Freq" Go tests it out! You can view more video HERE on GearTrap's new YouTube Channel.

World's Largest Pedalboard Dry-Run

Today, GearTrap with the help of George L's, Creation Audio Labs, and Pedaltrain held the Dry-Run for the World's Largest Pedalboard. It was a HUGE success! look for video in the next couple hours!