Wednesday, May 14, 2008


As you may or may not know by now, GearTrap will be presenting our first NAMM party this June in Nashville. We are going to be building the world’s largest pedalboard and we’ve applied to Guinness World Records for sanction. While sanction is not guaranteed, we will carry on regardless and will document the event and the record as we would for Guinness anyway. We are tying up loose ends with our sponsors now and when we’re all set, we’ll be making the big sponsor list announcement, as well as adding more links and graphics to reflect our appreciation to the sponsors for their support.

Companies or manufacturers interested in our sponsorship program can email us at: geartrap(at) for details. Even if you’re a small company, please don’t miss out on this. It is possible for everyone to be involved somehow and we can work out the details with you. We already have several smaller companies involved, so don’t let size stop you. The deadline for sponsors is May 30th.

Also, we are still taking submissions from those interested in being involved in the event. If you live in the greater Nashville area and would like to be a part of the record, email us at: geartrap(at) Anyone is eligible, as long as you live fairly near by and can make the very modest scheduling commitments.

Please note that the event is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. We will be collecting a cover charge of $7 and anyone can come hang out, hear the bands and check out the pedalboard. See you all at NAMM!!!


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