Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Traveler EG-1

In keeping with theme of small, compact gear choices, The Traveler Guitar Company is one of the premier makers of portable electric axes. They recently rolled out new body and finish options and those additions are being met with real enthusiasm. Everything from black and red to natural and racing stripe finishes make this line one of the broadest in its niche when it comes to color choices; And why not? You should have choices. Like the choice to plug into a 100 watt stack or the choice to use a fully integrated, built-in headphone amp- both of which are options with the EG-1. The custom Pocket Rock-It electronics produce a range of tones from sparkly cleans to smooth overdrives and evil distortions. With its lightweight mahogany body and roadworthy mahogany neck this ax sports a full-sized humbucker and just oozes vibe.


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