Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tone Freq’s LINK OF THE WEEK – Paul Lenders Guitar Systems

Pedalboard porn? Believe it! Paul has crafted some of the most killer rigs known to man. If anything this site can open up the possibilities of what a rig could be. Most guitar and bass players, professional musicians and enthusiastic amateurs share the same dream: A wish for an individual, personal sound with an uncomplicated, reliable system. GUITAR SYSTEMS creates custom guitar and bass rigs, and helps you to fulfill your dream sound. With over 25 years of experience Paul Lenders, founder of GUITAR SYSTEMS builds a rig to suit your individual needs.

"When I was on stage, there were always people interested in my gear and the sound that I created. Because they wished to duplicate my sound, I found myself selling them the gear and building a new system for myself. This provided me with the opportunity to experiment and discover how a system and its individual sound evolved.
Increasingly, I found myself confronted by my colleagues gear problems. And so GUITAR SYSTEMS was born! Today my reputation as a musician and a technician leads to artists from all over the world contacting me with a wide range of questions.
The information, knowledge and experience I have gained over the years, means I am in a position to solve almost any problem I am confronted with."
- Paul Lenders, Guitar Systems

Aljon "Tone Freq" Go
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