Monday, May 5, 2008

Super Model Series Part 1...

If you read this blog often at all, you know that when it comes to amp modeling, we couldn’t be happier with the way the relevant technologies are evolving. It seems like most companies out there have taken a stab at modeling; some with great results, some… not so much. Here’s a little four part series that we’ll be doing on some new modeling amps that are being released form some of the top amp companies in the industry.

These days, its Peavey’s turn to step through the modeling door as they unveil the “Vyper”, the company’s 32 bit take on MI’s digital frontier. With 24 amp channel models- both the clean and dirty channels of 12 popular amps. The coolest feature the Vyper has to offer is its integrated MIDI interface- that’s right- a built-in, studio quality USB 2.0 output… nice; MSRP $ 399.99, not bad.


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