Friday, May 23, 2008

R.I.P. Mike Battle, Inventor of Echoplex and Tubeplex Tape Echo Machines

GearTrap has learned of the passing of the amazing Mike Battle, otherwise known as Sir Echo, inventor of the Echoplex and Tubeplex tape echo machines that revolutionized music in the 1960s. Battle's Echoplex would surpass his expectations as a guitarist's tool, finding its way into the radio and film industries as well.

A longtime friend of Les Paul's, Battle also saw his Echoplex used by Jimmy Page, Chet Atkins, and Joe Walsh, among so many others.

"Once I went up to Les Paul's home to visit," Battle has said. "I stayed over night at Les' house, not knowing Les was a practical joker. In the middle of the night, a black snake crawled into my bed. I blamed it on Les's twisted sense of humor but he denies it to this day!"

Gearheads, a moment of silence...


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