Thursday, May 15, 2008

PREVIEW: Kramer 1983 Pacer Reissue

The legend lives on!

Shredders and dive-bombers alike break out the hair products and brace yourself! Kramer is ready to unleash a new addition to its USA line – welcome back the Kramer Pacer! I was at Kramer a few days ago and the prototype was incredible. Bear in mind that the build could change slightly but the body was on point with a great metallic black finish. The neck was the unmistakable Kramer beak from that period. And like all the USA Kramer’s it has a REAL FLOYD ROSE! The very first electric guitar I ever had was a Kramer and when the 1984 reissues came out a few years back I had to have it. It’s still a favorite of mine to play! It’s good to see that Gibson is on track with this reissue. Kramer hopes to have more working Pacer prototypes as well as more Guitart models done for the Kramer Expo going on the weekend of the 2008 Summer NAMM in Nashville TN.

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Read more about the history of the Kramer Pacer and Kramer Expo here.

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