Thursday, May 22, 2008

Plek the Neck?!

A few years ago, Plek developed a method which takes all the factors at play on the neck into account in order to calculate and create the perfect action for your guitar. The Plek Profile individualizes every guitar perfectly, whether it is vintage or new, a classic or just second hand. The dynamic relation between the vibration of the strings, the curvature of the neck and the height of every fret will be adjusted and can be reproduced at any time with .01 mm precision (~0.0004 inch).

The style of the individual guitarist is also a crucial factor in the process. Through experiment and observation they have development five standard adjustments: SuperLow, Low, Medium, High and XtraHigh action. Of course, individual adjustments are also possible. A Plek'ed guitar is easier to play and perfectly adjusted. And all that without having to alter the appearance of a guitar - a touchy issue for many musicians.

At the link below, you'll find a little more info on the Plek system and how it works. Having seen it in action, I can tell you that it's pretty impressive. You can definitely tell the difference in playability from Plek'ed guitars to non-Plek'ed guitars.

Check it out here...


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