Saturday, May 10, 2008

Gibson Robot Guitar 2.0

I'm sure we're all aware that Gibson Guitar is a company that has a rich history, but have you heard yet what they plan to do about the future? I'll tell you- The Robot Guitar. I'm sure this isn't news to anyone. This Past January, Gibson released a limited run of blue/silverburst robots. The things flew out the doors of various dealers around the country and after the initial release, it was impossible to get your hands on one.

The basic premise behind the Robot Guitar are the cervo-motor equipped tuning machines. Using the computerized bridge and tailpiece, information regarding the pitch of each string travels up to the cervo motors where they automatically adjust the pitch of each sting.

Now, it's time to welcome the second generation of robots. The newest version comes in a killer metallic purple finish and also
is the first appearance of the robot SG (the original robots were only Les Pauls).

You can find more info on the Robot Guitars by clicking the photo below...



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