Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gibson Explorer Pro

Everybody loves Gibson, right? Right. Gibson has a much storied history as a premier guitar maker since it started its foray into electric guitars in the 30s. Later, in the fifties, Gibson decided it was time to up the ante, so to speak, and introduced the Explorer. Along side its Equally angular brother, the Flying V, the Explorer jumped on the scene and quickly became a classic. These days, Gibson has expanded its Explorer offering to include the Explorer Pro, a slightly smaller, more contoured cousin to the original. I happened to get my hands on an Explorer Pro and thought you might be interested to hear what I thought…

On first glance, the Explorer Pro looks like your typical, run-of-the-mill Explorer, angles and tone for days. Once you get it in your hand though, you notice that it’s smaller than the normal Explorer. Now I’ll be honest with you- I’m not a huge Explorer fan. The big fin at the back always seems to get in my way. Plus, I’m a Les Paul guy myself, but the cool thing about Explorers is that they are a different playing experience from any other guitar I’ve ever played. Equally acceptable for Metal, Rock, or Blues, the Explorer Pro is a tone machine. The Pro has an especially nice neck, thin and fast and it hot ceramic pick-ups (500T & 496R) will make your amp scream bloody murder. Anyway, this is a really cool piece. If you’re into the asymmetrical guitar thing and you have the bucks to spend, I’d say go for it.

Gibson Explorer Pro


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