Saturday, May 31, 2008

FLOOR REPORT:’s GearFest 2008

Friday was set-up day in Ft. Wayne IN for’s GearFest 2008. This guitar gear show was put on by the retailer as part of the grand opening of their new 35 million dollar complex – complete with showrooms, call center, warehouse and food court! This place is AMAZING!

There are several expo centers that will house pro-audio, guitars and more. There is even a flea market for used gear. The guitar tent is well represented with nice displays and plenty of guitars and amps! Reps from Gibson, Fender, Washburn, Martin, PRS, Visual Sound, Seymour Duncan, Zoom, Line 6, Gator, Roland, Crown, AKG, JBL and more are all on hand to answer your questions and give you GREAT DEALS on gear!

Saturday’s event promises to be huge with giveaways, artist clinics, concerts, free guitar restrings and more! If you are in the Ft. Wayne area it will be worth a trip!

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