Friday, May 16, 2008

Epiphone Slash Signature Les Paul

I have a special affinity for Epiphone Les Pauls. My first Les Paul was an ebony Standard that I got here in Nashville. I remember it like I was a kid, but I was a bit of a musical late bloomer, probably around eighteen. I traded in a couple low-level Strats in order to get with the Paul. I remember taking it home and being stoked. Don’t get me wrong, Strats are great, but you just can’t a Les Paul. Knowing this, you now understand part of the reason I was so floored when I heard that Gibson and Epiphone was going to do a series of Slash signatures. The Epi Slash is dope. We’re talking the closest to Epiphone “Custom Shop” (other than the Elitist Series) that you can get.

Some of the features this thing can brag to its friends about are: a long neck tenon, USA pickups (Duncan Alnico IIs), and an overall bad ass look. The neck tenon is an especially cool feature. In the fifties (and still today with Custom Shop Historic Reissues) Gibson employed an extension of the neck joint that would extend down to just below the neck pickup. The purpose of this is to improve the resonance. The longer neck tenon tightens the joint where the neck meets the body and conducts vibrations better. This is a desirable aspect not only for the tonal features, but also because, as I said above, long neck tenons are typical only of Custom Historic reissues… not Epiphones. This alone, sets the Slash apart right off the bat. This is definitely one to check out.

Check out all the slash signature models at the Slash Micro-site!


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