Wednesday, April 16, 2008

VOX Guitars are back!

So, yesterday I mentioned that Dunlop is bringing back Way huge electronics. Well, it would seem that UK amp geniuses VOX are back in the guitar game with a new line of axes dubbed “Virage”. The VOX Virage line will feature models- the DC (double cutaway) and the SC (single cutaway). These guys are said to be slightly smaller in size than your typical hollow body and are contoured along their length and across their width to promote “ergo-harmony”. In addition to this, the Virage series will also feature a proprietary “Three-90” pick-up system which has two triple coil pick-ups… Sounds interesting… Based on the pics I’ve seen, the VOX guys did a great job of keeping the look of a classic VOX hollowbody and melding it with some modern appointments.

For more info on the Virage series, hit up VOX at:


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