Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Villex Mid-Range Booster

Before all us Les Paul guys get too excited, the Villex Mid-range Booster is for Fender Strat style guitars only. I know, totally lame…but hey- hopefully sometime soon these guys will broaden scope a little bit and we can all rock the instant 7db boost in lower-mid range frequencies. At any rate, there are some serious cool things to be said about this piece- the most exciting- it’s passive! That’s right- unlike other inboard boosters, the Villex is a passive device that requires no batteries AND no maintenance; which means it’s already easier to deal with than some of your girlfriends and your girlfriend’s “other” boyfriend… but I digress… Rumor has it that this piece can be installed in about two minutes if you’re decent with a soldering gun. The Villex is controlled by an extremely low profile toggle switch, so you have your choice of boost or the original non-boost tone. There are lots of tips and tricks to be learned with this one. It’s a definite must try. MSRP- $112.

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