Monday, April 14, 2008

R&R meets R&R...

Do you ever have the problem of being indecisive? I know I do. Sometimes us lazy, deadbeat musicians have trouble deciding if we’d rather sit at home and watch TV all day or sit at home and play guitar all day (neither of which sounds bad at theoment)! Now our problems are solved and our prayers have been answered- Ladies and Gentlemen, the “Retrorocker Guitar Chair” by LazyRock Entertainment! The RetroRocker is the first ever, “patent pending”, powered guitar chair- it has a built-in amp! The RR is 10 watts, solid state, and features not only overdrive, but also CD interaction. The good news is, no matter what the color scheme is like in that one room apartment that the five of you share w/ your roadie, custom color combinations are available. The bad news is, that starting at $679.00 SRP, it’s unlikely the laziest of the lazy will be willing to pass up pizza and beer for two months in order to buy one… maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned it…


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