Wednesday, April 16, 2008

On the Board_ Pedaltrain PRO

This is the first installment in our "On the Board_" feature. Make sure to leave some comments on these things and let us know if they're working for you or not!

On the Board_
Pedaltrain’s Pedaltrain Pro Pedalboard- Jaux King - April, 08

So, here’s the thing- Guitars, effects and amps can be complicated. There’s a lot to consider when you plug a certain guitar into a certain amp and/or effect(s). Sometimes, all the variables can really get to be too much. It makes you long for something simple, something you don’t have think about. As musicians, we are constantly searching for ways to make moving and maintaining our gear easier on our backs and our brains.

Now, I have the answer for you…

For years now, our good friends at Pedaltrain have helped musicians get where they need to go with their wits and sanity intact. Throughout their history, Pedaltrain has made it their goal to deliver quality pedalboards that are simple, yet brilliantly thought out and versatile. If you’re like me, you’re type of guy who likes to destroy his whole pedalboard set-up only to add one pedal. Nothing’s more fun than wiping the slate clean and starting over by mapping out where each effect will go. It’s here that the brilliance of the Pedaltrain Pro is so evident. With it’s ample surface area (32”X16”) the possibilities for great floor set-ups are literally endless. You’re only constraints are the size of your pedals and the length of your patch cords (Pedaltrain seems to prefer George L’s… one more thing that GearTrap agrees with them on).

So, you’ve put you’re unique mark on your Pedaltrain and now you’re ready to head out the door to the gig. Just going down the street? In that case, you probably picked up the Pedaltrain Pro that comes with a light-weight gig bag; It’s easy to carry and stylish as well! Maybe you’re the consummate pro and you’re headed out on the road to circle the globe for months on end... in that case, Pedaltrain has you covered too; offering the Pedaltrain Pro in an ATA approved flightcase (I personally own this model and it rules). It’s heavy duty and tough enough to withstand the wrath of the airport luggage worker who’s jealous because he wishes he had one.

Simply put, if you want to save a couple bucks and don’t really care to protect your effects, then by all means, head down to Home Depot and hope for the best. However, if you’re a serious musician who has invested some serious money and emotion into your floor rig, then wise up and protect your investment with a Pedaltrain Pro. It’s the best way to show your pedals you love and appreciate them. After all, if you were Velcro-ed to the floor and got walked on all the time, you’d need some love and appreciation every now and then too!

You can contact Jaux @: (geartrap(at)gmail(dot)com)


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