Friday, April 18, 2008

MXR M-108 EQ

Ok, this is one of my favorite pedals and maybe THE most useful that I own, the MXR M-108. The 108 is a ten band EQ
that covers various frequencies that are crucial to guitar and bass. I’ve had this guy for several months and to be honest, I bought it with little to no previous EQ experience. Believe it or not, having this pedal in you chain is like taking a blanket off of your rig. Even if the EQ sliders (which happen to light up when unit is engaged) are completely flat, the pedal still gives new life to your sound [does anyone know if this pedal happens to have a buffer circuit in it?]. Here are some

other opinions…

This is a great EQ pedal. It comes with a power supply, and 4 settings for you to try. I still have it set to the metal setting, even after 5 months of toying with it. When you activate the pedal, your current tone will come to life. Its like pulling a blanket off of your amp. It creates no extra noise, and has a gain slider to, so you can use it as a boost pedal. Overall, the pedal boosts your tone to make it more lively. I highly suggest it to every guitar and bass player. Your guaranteed to find the perfect sound.

Posted by Anonymous musician. from A city in the midwest. on Jul 30, 2007

One in front of your pedals/preamp the other in the loop, a power attenuator so your ears don't bleed then crank your amp way up there! Do that and any and all of your fav guitarists sounds will be available to you. A must for serious guitar tone freaks... excellent little box.

Posted by Rage from Northern UK

This eq pedal is amazing. I didn't think that the pedal would have the impact that it did but i was definitely surprised. It made my amp sound like a completely new amp. If you have a solid-state amp then this pedal is an absolute necessity.

Posted by The Dude from Covington, La on Dec 23, 2007


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