Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Artist Spotlight: Brad Delson of Linkin Park

This month, I think Guitar World got us a good one with there “*the setlist” feature. Every time I see Brad Delson’s (Linkin Park)
rig I can’t help but marvel. There’s something about having a huge rack of gear that just pumps me up. Midi switchers, pedal drawers, rackmounted blah blah blah… It’s all deadly. Anyway- I digress- although I haven’t been a big fan of LP since I drove a Honda CRX (high school), I can definitely appreciate a killer guitar rig, case in point, Steve Vai (and a collective groan comes over the crowd…) Regardless of the music, or how you feel about midi switchers, check out this month’s Guitar World for a couple of really cool pics of a bad ass pedalboard and rig…



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